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I’ve put together this leadership qualities list because I feel it is very important for anyone aspiring to lead people to success to know and understand the exact type of person that people consciously and unconsciously desire to follow.  Pay attention to how a lot of these characteristics fit together and impact the others.

I’ve been on a personal mission to master these qualities to achieve greater success within the network marketing industry; however the characteristics on this leadership qualities list will apply to great leadership in all areas of life.

Self-confidence & Belief- I feel this is the most important trait on this leadership qualities list, because without it most of the other qualities on the list wouldn’t be possible.  If you don’t yet believe in yourself, begin to change the way you feel through the use of positive affirmations and incantations every day.

It is only when you have self-confidence that other people will begin to follow you.  If you don’t believe me, ask yourself if you would follow someone who was unsure of themselves?

Self-Awareness & Self-Mastery- I like to refer to what I’ve learned is the “warrior awareness” to describe this trait, because you must truly be able to master your inner game.

This means that you must be able to control your mind, your thoughts, your feelings and desires at all times.  This self-awareness and mastery is essential especially in times of conflict or confrontation.  The best way to gain control when your mind or emotions start to take over is to breathe deeply.

This is #2 on the leadership qualities list because you will often have to deal with people or situations that would make someone who’s not in control of their mind and feelings absolutely curl up and die.  Also, it’s essential to master this to maintain your focus so that you can accomplish everything that must be done in a leadership position.

Patience- This quality will grow much stronger only after you’ve truly mastered yourself.  When you can control your emotions and thoughts, you will be able to maintain patience even in the most stressful situations.

You often hear the phrase “patience is a virtue”, and this is very true.  Having patience will allow you to be more understanding of another’s situation or position, which will ultimately allow you to better lead that person toward their goal.

Understanding & Empathy- Notice how this leadership qualities list ties together.  Having patience will allow for better understanding and empathy towards a team mates thoughts, feelings, situation, etc…  Only when you truly understand someone can you truly help that person.  Reason being there is no 1 solution that is the fix-all.  We cannot use the “Duct-Tape method” when it comes to fixing people’s problems.

Attentiveness- This leadership qualities list would not be complete without this important trait.  Gaining “warrior awareness” will lead to you paying close attention to everything going on around you in the moment.  It is only what is happening right here and now that is important for everything to move forward, especially when you’re dealing with people.  If you’re un-attentive you’ll never be able to have a true understanding of what your team needs to succeed.  This is also going to play into the power of influence, because you will not be able to influence a person without knowing what they really need.

Integrity- I almost can’t put a rating on any one trait in this leadership qualities list, because they all are equally important.  You would be able to lead people and become successful, but if you want to maintain your position for an extended period of time you’ll have to gain your team’s trust.  You must do things for the over-all good of the team and not just think about yourself or the here-and-now.  Sure you can make a quick buck in network marketing or any form of sales if you don’t care about others, but it will never last.

Decisiveness- This is perhaps 1 of the easiest and most difficult qualities to master.  The leadership qualities list wouldn’t be complete without decisiveness.  You must possess all 9 of the other qualities in order to achieve this trait, or at least to effectively be decisive.

Pay attention to that last sentence, because you can be decisive and reckless at the same time.  A leader can and will make decisions quickly based on intuition, and will usually sticks with that decision long enough to know if it was a good decision or not.

If you’re someone who takes weeks to make a 50 cent decision, opportunity will certainly pass you by.

Takes Initiative- Once you’ve made a decision in your mind the next step would be to take action.  A leader is willing to take initiative with a total uncertainty of success or failure.  Again this doesn’t mean that you should be reckless, but you must be willing to lose some battles in order to learn how to win bigger battles.

Taking initiative also means that you don’t procrastinate in all areas of your life.  Followers sit back and wait for the leader to tell them it’s safe to take the action.  What do you want to be?

Responsibility- Nearing the end of this leadership qualities list is responsibility.  You alone are responsible for your success, and when you understand this and can admit to yourself and others when you’re not doing what is required, you’ll be able to push harder and further to achieve greater success.  That being said, you’re only partly responsible for the success of your team.  You can show them the way, but if they choose not to follow your path, they are responsible for their failures.

Power of Influence- This power is not to be used immorally, which is why I’ve waited until now to add it to the leadership qualities list.  Having a deep desire to truly help other people become successful will increase your power of influence greatly.  People can sense if you’re someone who wants to help them or not.  Therefore the power of influence can only be harnessed after you are able to understand people at their core, and show them that you care about what happens to them.

When you have harnessed the awesome power of influence by developing this awesome leadership qualities list within you, you will not have to convince people to do anything or buy anything.  They will simply take action because they desire to.

In closing, take note that it’s important for you to begin with self-mastery, so that you have the mindset and control to properly develop the rest of the qualities on this leadership qualities list.  It’s also essential to develop all of these qualities in order to become a leader.  Lastly I want to mention that the power of influence will develop naturally as the other qualities become greater.  Work through developing these qualities or characteristics in order, and you’ll truly become a great leader.


To get a better understanding, particularly on my insights into these traits, go watch my video on qualities of a good leader.

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