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Many of us Network Marketers have gotten into this business to create a secondary income with the hopes of being able to fire our boss and live the life of leisure and security. We all heard about the guy who makes $20,000 a month and wondered how to do that.

So we signed up with whatever MLM company that we are with and have either thought: how many more months or days (depending on where you are) am I going to give this or what else do I need to do to get this turned around. First off if you are reading this then you are probably in the second camp.
As a Project Manager for an engineering company, Land Developer, Father to four kids, three of which are in numerous activities and the fourth under three years old and a part/full time Network Marketer with a downline of nearly 300 people. Oh and don’t forget the wife who likes to spend time with me as well. My time is in high demand and to make all this work requires some priorities.
First of all if I didn’t have all this going on, I’d probably be vegging out in front of the TV and always wishing I could take a really nice month long vacation.
 How do I make all this work for me? 
1.       God First – for me if I don’t do this first my life seems to be out of control.
2.       Family and friends – if you never cultivate these relationships, then what good is having a lot of money.
3.       Full time Job – (Engineering Job) this is critical at the time for me and helps to finance and build my ideal occupation.
4.       Part/full Network Marketing job – is the means necessary to reach my goal of financial independence to have more time with one and two on my list and replace number three. Remember the reason why most of us are in this business is the residual income that is available through Network Marketing.
5.       Myself – for me this is exercising and running. This helps me to stay fit and also gives me tons more energy. When I do not exercise, I notice that my energy level is always low.
How does this relate to plugging away?
Simple, if you want to be successful in this business, it is not going to be handed to you on a silver platter.   You will have to work, that’s why they call it NetWORK Marketing.  I trained for six months to run in a marathon and it requires that you start off with short runs until you get conditioned to make it 26 miles. 
Network marketing is very similar. Many people get in and think they are going to make big money within six months to a year. And some do but those who are successful take the time to get trained and invest time in some form of MLM training to get where they want to be. Hopefully, sitting on the beach drinking your favorite beverage.
There have been many nights where I have been working on my website or landing page, updating sales letters in my autoresponder, going through sales leads, replying to emails, or learning what I need to do to be successful in this business. To get where you want to be, you will have to set your priorities, educate yourself about this business and work hard. Let me repeat that if you didn’t get it.
Set your Priorities!  Educate Yourself! Work hard! Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!... Repeat!
You’ve probably heard it before. Anyone can make it in this business! Which is true but you’re going to have to work.
My #1 tip…   Become a master inviter and promoter of your product.
Thanks and God Bless,
Michael Ledford

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You get paid for your value in the marketplace

Nice post Michael,

You seem to have your priorities straight.

I just posted an article, that said in network marketing, you get paid for your value in the marketplace.

The Top 5% earn 95% of the commissions, because they continually invest in themselves, to learn the skills they need, to be able to add more value to others.

Amateurs focus on what they can’t do and quit. Professionals don’t complain about what they can’t do. They learn how to do it.

Keep learning and growing Michael!


David Wilcoxson — Wed, 11/11/2009 - 4:04pm

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