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Introducing: Purple Tiger™ for Enhanced Mood, More Energy and Appetite Control.

Vista Health Products' Purple Tiger™ represents a revolutionary approach to overall health and wellness by allowing you to literally 'dial-in' the amount of energy and mood enhancement you desire throughout the day, along with the level of appetite you choose to experience between meals. Purple Tiger™ puts YOU firmly in control of your daily dietary intake.
Whether it's dialing down your cravings for sweets or carbohydrates, or dialing up your energy levels to where you are enjoying a full and rewarding life including daily exercise, Purple Tiger™ gets you to where you wish to be!
Vista Health Products' Purple Tiger™ is a thermogenic, fat burning and appetite suppressing formulation which assists you in your daily food intake, exercise routines and positive mental outlook. Taken as part of an overall commitment to better health, practical eating habits and daily exercise with proper hydration levels, Purple Tiger™ gives you victory over the three most common challenges to weight management and a healthy lifestyle. 

Purple Tiger™ Ingredients information:
Cocoa Powder:
•Allows the body to reset its metabolism.• Increases Serotonin levels toward balance.• Promotes calmness and relaxation.• Burns fat.• Natural caffeine vs. stimulating chemical caffeine.
B12: (Cobalamin)• Works in conjunction with B6.• Plays key role in normal functioning of brain andnervous system.• Helps in daily metabolism of every cell in the body.• Essential for the synthesis of energy production.
Green Tea:• Powerful antioxidant.•Antiviral and antibacterial benefits.• Heart healthy benefits.• Fights cancer cells.• Lowers cholesterol levels.• Intensifies fat oxidation.• Increases metabolism and burns fat.• Helps delay deterioration of brain cells.•Anti-aging qualities / reduces wrinkles.•Anti -inflammatory and antioxidant activity.
B6: (Pyridoxine)• Helps convert food into fuel which promotesenergy.• Metabolizes fat.• Essential for healthy skin, hair, eyes, andliver.• Essential for normal brain development andfunction.• Helps support hormone balance.• Fights heart disease.• Helps formulation of red blood cells.• Supports the Immune System.
Chromium: (polynicotinate)• Necessary for human health.• Used to improve blood sugar control.• Used for depression.• Helps lower bad cholesterol.• Helps raise good cholesterol.• Studies show it helps with weight loss.• Increases muscle.• Decreases body fat.• Improves athletic performance.• Increases energy.
5HTP:• EssentialAminoAcid.• Promotes energy and balance.• Decreases anxiety and nervousness.• Excellent appetite suppressant.•Aids metabolic process.
Choline:• Works in conjunction with the B vitamins.• Precursor molecule for neurotransmitteracetylcholine which activates muscle tissue.• Reduces memory loss.• Helps to lower cholesterol levels.• Lowers homocysteine levels associated with heartdisease / heart health.•Anti-cancer qualities.• Supports brain activity and learning.• Protects liver from fat accumulation.
Cinnamon:• Stabilizes blood glucose levels.• Excellent for Diabetics.• Improves energy levels.• Improves vitality.• Improves circulation.
Zinc: (Gluconate)• Essential mineral involved in numerous aspects ofcellular metabolism• Plays a role in immune function [3,4], proteinsynthesis, wound healing, and cell division
Phenylethylamine:• Helps product hormones that create positivefeelings.• Shows to change levels of the neurotransmitterdopamine. This affects several areas of the brainand the hormones released. These releasedhormones help elevate mood and balance bloodpressure.
Vanadium Chelate:• Effective weapon for managing blood sugar.• Helps lower blood sugar by helping to improvethe cell’s sensitivity to insulin.
Calcium/Magnesium: (Coral, Aquamin)• Important for bone health• Helps support healthy blood serum Ph• Essential for the normal functioning of nervesand muscles• Plays a role in blood coagulation• Important in many enzymatic processes
Natural Caffeine:• Supports enhanced performance and alertness

Purple Tiger™ = Energy like a Tiger / Appetite like a Bird

Purple Tiger™ is a proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other co-factors that may increase energy, weight loss, and give you that overall sense of well being. In addition to their nutritional value, the ingredients in Purple Tiger™ exert reasonable antioxidant effects that may help address some of the metabolic issues that affect energy production. This blend of the high quality ingredients has also been known to normalize food cravings, suppress appetite, and naturally speed up your metabolism. Purple Tiger™ maybe involved in vital processes that are important for normal energy production and cellular metabolism. This process is referred to as Thermogensis which has been known to increases the metabolism allowing the body to slow down the storage of fat.
Purple Tiger™ is a unique fast acting effective formula with clinically proven ingredients that work synergistically together to increase energy, reduce the appetite, decrease cravings and increase the metabolism. In less than an hour you may quickly feel Purple Tiger™ going to work through the proven amino acids like 5-HTP that has been clinically studied to decrease hunger signals to the stomach giving a “full” sensation allowing you to take control over your appetite instead of your appetite taking control of you. Purple Tiger™ begins to work quickly to increase energy and metabolic rate while allowing your natural metabolism to stay in control. These powerful ingredients working together through these mechanism maybe crucial in you losing weight quickly, safely, and effectively. Purple Tiger™ is like no other product available giving you "Energy like a Tiger, Appetite like a Bird".

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Purple Tiger is an all natural dietary supplement designed to increase energy and metabolism resulting in amazing weight loss! This supplement has helped even the toughest cases, from those with a history of obesity to post-pregnancy weight gain! Purple Tiger seems to work just about for everyone! 
"I have lost all my baby fat from my lastpregnancy after takingPurple Tiger for only fourshort months. I wouldrecommend it foranyone."Dr. Corrinna Long N.D.

> Maximize Your Weight Loss> Increase Your Energy> Feel Good All DayTry it Today! Risk Free

What makes Purple Tiger so effective? What's in Purple Tiger? 
Caffeine(from natural sources)ChromiumB-6B-12Calcium MagnesiumZincB-PhenylalanineDark Cocoa Powder1,3 DimethylamylamineGreen Tea Choline Bitartrate Alpha Keto Glutaric AcidCinnamonTrace Minerals5HTPVanadium SulfateChocomineSilica
"I love Purple Tiger. I have lost over 20 pounds!!! Love it Love it Love it!"
"I've only started taking my samples. One yesterday and one today, and I am excited! NO SNACKING on either day. And I can't remember the last time I've been going since I got out of bed - without thinking about taking a nap! The energy boost is REAL... If the next two days are the same, I'll be a customer for life!" 
"I just started to take the Purple Tiger. I really do like it. Its been a long time since I felt that kind of energy. Thanks!!! I have only lost a few pounds but I am really excited about the product."
"love it! just ordered my 2nd bottle."
"Wow!!! me and my mom started taking the energy pill and we have already lost 5 pounds amazing."
"I just started taking the Purple Tiger pills today and I have so much energy and I haven't been hungry all day. Went to a buffet at lunch with co workers and couldn't eat anything more than 5 shrimp. I was so full that I couldn't eat another bite. Love this pill so far!! You gotta try it to believe it."
"Purple tiger is definitely better than any other dietary pill I've tried. It did increase my metabolism. The plus side is that I also don't feel hungry a lot and that helps my weight loss. This pill is definitely worth a shot and probably one of the best kept secrets."
"This is the first diet pill I've tried and I'm extremely happy with the results. I'm 50lbs overweight and I noticed a difference in my appetite and weight. This is definitely something I'll recommend to friends trying to lose weight and change their eating habits. I also feel just way more active and I'm able to actively play with my kids more. I'm ordering more."
"Love this product and extremely surprised by the results. I feel so energetic after taking purple tiger. The fact that I don't have the urge to eat a lot only encourages be to eat eat healthier. My metabolism has also boosted and I have so much energy that I want to work out more. I lost 15lbs so far and I'm going to keep using purple tiger. Nothing else like it!"
"I have tried a few energy boosters because I need to remain working out and building muscle for my sport. This is the best product I've used. It allows me to have the energy to train and workout and that's what I need the most. I later let my wife use these and I have definitely seen an improvement in here body. She has been using them less than a month and has already dropped a size down. I was a little bit worried but the dietary pills actually helps you lose weight and boost metabolism at a healthy and steady rate. Not once have I experienced side effects with this product like I have with a couple other diet pills in the past. I will for sure continue to use purple tiger. The name is awesome btw."Basic InfoJoined Facebook 06/05/2013Products Purple Tiger™ Balance ACT Balance ACT Brain Elevate Breathe Eze Cardio NOWProgesterone Cream: 
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