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It's all about wellness and how to achieve and maintain it.  Without health, all the $$$ in the world are worthless.  We strive to combine the two and Mannatech is one of our partners.  I work with an online networking community that is involved with a number of products to provide multiple income streams.  In addition each member of this elite community is able to do what he/she does best.  In traditional network marketing, the associate is responsible for advertising, promoting, recruiting, training, follow-ups, etc., etc.  In our community, each member contributes his/her best for the good of the whole community.  This is a new approach to internet network marketing.  I thought we needed a group for the millions of Mannatech lovers out there.  If you're one of them, join in and let me know.

My part in this new community is to provide training and mentoring.  I spent 30+ years in post-secondary business education and my advanced degrees are in Training and Development so this is what I'm good at and love to do.  I leave a lot of the other tasks to members of our community who do them better.  Come see QuickStepstoHealth.

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