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So the most important thing you could ever do, no matter what your occupation, is to increase your value to others by increasing your knowledge, experience, and skill sets. Advertise holes to sell drills

A.J. and Taralee Bernier

Professional Network Marketer
Company:  LegalShield
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Arthur Bernier has been through alot in his short life, he was introduced to Network Marketing in 2005 by John Cameron and Jimmie Kimbrough two successful entreprenuers and his mother was a distrubutor for Mary Kay Cosmetics when he was a boy. His mother was a master recruiter and he learned even as a young child the importance of a magnetic personality in business. His father is a former Army soldier and he instilled in young Arthur the importance of discipline which he often rejected , but now has become integral to his business etiquette.

He got his first lessons in Entreprenuership, from his Uncle Charles Allen  the owner of ChaRosa Foundation Incorporation ,a non profit organization which teaches inner city children and young adults, work readiness skills, music and ,the arts, as well as provides jobs to people in his community. His uncle taught him the value of investing into your community. At a young age his uncle became superintendent of the mta and began to invest in real estate and do charity work. He offers all his tenants affordable housing and offers his community a center that keeps children off the streets, teaches them responsibility, and also provides jobs to members of the community. Which makes his community safer and keeps the value of his Real estate stable. The result is even as many neighboring communities have took a spill and crime has increased , his neighborhood has consistently kept its value and even appreciated.

This concept is what his uncle called "Social Entreprenuership", giving value back to people and recieving value in return though not directly from whom it was given."Give and it will come back to you pressed down, shaken together, and running over" is his Uncle's mantra, this influenced his descision to become a Network Marketer. When Jimmie and John approached him. Jimmie , A Ruby at the time in his opportunity, and John, an eagle in the same opportunity, drew circles and explained the busines model. They said that in order to become an eagle and make a 1000 per month you need to help 6 people make a profit and in order to be a ruby and make 7,000 a month you need to help 6 people make 1000 a month and go eagle.

This resonated with his 17 year old brain and without hesitation elected to join this opportunity. It changed his life forever. From that day forward a journey and cycle of over spending and failure began until he read a profound statement.

"No one who ever bought a drill, bought a drill becuse they wanted a drill. They bought it because they wanted a whole, and if you want to sell drills you need to start selling information about making holes."

I don't think anybody who has ever read that statement and is in traditional network marketing didn't have a light bulb go off. This principle effected him forever and he began to dive into teachings from every marketing guru he could find. Many that were reccomended by either Mike Dillard or Arthur's mother, Marketing Manager of New York City Transit and former Mary Kay Distributor. These teachings began to change himself into a professional marketer.

He went to work for his aunt, a self made millionaire, at her office doing inside sales. She taught him about posture and controlling a conversationHe began to put into practice what he learned, and quickly emerged as a star in her company, making a six figure gross and driving a company provided 7 series bmw at age 19. He soon started his own Consulting business and made 170,000 in a two year time span, but longed to go back to network marketing  which gave him the original spark. So he went back to the website were he originally saw the information that changed his life and began the journey again. But this time he wasn't alone now he actually had value to offer based on his experiences . Equipped with a new why his wife and his  new born daughter. He is ready to give away to get back.


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