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My interests include writing, performing and recording music. I have been a musician since my teens and have continued to perform for my church and occasionally venturing out for other gigs. I sing, play guitars, bass and some keyboards as well as record and am beginning to work on writing for and producing other artists I am an avid reader and consume volumes of books of the non fiction variety that deal with the conditions that we confront as mankind and their solutions; from the national debt, to global warming to nutrition and health to science and nature, marketing and anything else that is well written and informative.

I am really a workaholic, who loves to create. My activities consist of earnest study of French, attending Berklee School of Music on-line on courses in music production and songwriting, writing a website that features study skills while growing my own food and keeping in shape! I am currently also studying as much as I can on marketing and the internet and read everything I can get my wits wrapped around while my wife and I split our time between the US and France. My goals for the future are to travel to parts of the world that are less fortunate and help in raising educational standards, provide disaster relief and whatever other good I can get my hands into!

Al Baker

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About Me

I have been in the field of education for the bulk of my life and have trained and apprenticed executives from many corners of the globe.

The things that characterize me most are:

1) Intensity - whatever I do, I intend to be at the top of that field. I don't 1/2 do anything. And will break my neck to get to the top.

2) I do not follow trends or conform in how to think.

What is usually prescribed by the "authorities," I usually go in the direct opposite direction. I very much dislike sounding, or looking or acting like someone else. I am just me and love me just like I am, without being complacent or getting stagnant.

Me is an evolving entity, that seeks to understand more and grow more and contribute more.

There is no other me out there and there is no other you out there. Together, we make the diversity that makes life an interesting pursuit and a game.

The top isn't always "better than" someone else - it is the achievement of your own highest goals and awareness and ability. Best isn't always beating someone else, it is beating your own expectations and achieving the levels of competence and ability to change conditions.

I also know that I am not a piece of meat or a body. I am a spiritual being that is immortal and knowing that I understand that ever action I take has implications that go just beyond the very limited view of "you only live once," which is a falsehood that only serves the ill intentioned slave master.

Once you understand you and your infinite capabilities, you can then view and understand the game that is being played and do something about it.

3) I live to help others. That is probably the defining factor of me. I too often err to over extending myself to do whatever someone needs. That can be a fault if extended to those who are not personally motivated to take help and use it to grow from. I understand this and have chosen to continue to err in this direction- but one day I may be so in need, so I never give help a short shrift.

The thing that has tempered that drive is the understanding that one always gives a guy a break. But realize that after so many breaks if the guy hasn't taken advantage of them, used them or put for his own commensurate effort, then he isn't about to, so stop wasting your time.

Poverty is a mindset. No one can solve that problem for another. If one wants to succeed, that is his call. The tools exist for anyone to take it to the top. There are no mysteries. The mystery is that there isn't one.

Shortcomings are self installed and are only handled by you looking and uprooting those ideas. And they are ideas. Totally controlled by you. One's state of mind is the catalyst for all action, all success and all failure.

So, I know that the basic bottom line in changing the course of civilization is enough people realizing that everything you need you already have.

You just need to tap into the energy and life force that you are.

Ultimately, the ball is in your court and you make the plays that win or lose the game.

That is who I am.

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