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I love to travel, to see new places, and experience new things. I also love snowboarding and jet skiing. I'm originally from Texas though I have a job where I travel much of the time. I'm currently working in New Orleans, LA. I'm an Engineer for a large company and work takes up much of my time. When I'm not working I enjoy the outdoors in the forms of mountain biking, swimming, camping, hiking in the mountains, and especially snowboarding. I also enjoy traveling very much. I lived in Italy for 4 years and I enjoyed traveling in Europe and I especially enjoyed the Alpine snowboarding. I spent some time in Florida last summer and I fell in love with jet skiing, this is definitely my favorite water sport. Another of my favorite pastimes is going to the beach. I've been to beaches in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, California, and Florida. There is nothing like walking on the beach and watching the sun go down over the ocean.

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Albert Goodman

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Hi, my name is Albert Goodman. Thanx for checking out my profile.

Well what do I say? I'm 31 sick of working for other people because knowing that someone else is getting rich off of my work makes me uneasy.. Having to get up with an alarm clock at a time not set by my schedule but by someone else's really sux? Driving thru traffic rain, sleet, or snow to get somewhere I don't want to be to do things I don't care about doing but do them because there's a paycheck attached. In a nutshell jobs suck.

I got my first job when I was 17 shredding paper in a guys garage. And it was alot of paper. Some business was closing down or evading taxes or something and basically there was alot of paper to shred. Spreadsheets, records, emails, even friggin' check books. It wasn't a bad gig til the job was done and I got started doing the real daily work that the company handed out. Pressure washing drive ways, parking lots, and ATM drive thru's. Man that job sucked. Let's just say I didn't stay there too long. I just decided one day that I wasn't going to go to work... no phone call, I just didn't show up. And it felt good too... I just didn't go.. except a week later to pick up my last paycheck, hehe.

I guess I have such a negative feeling about working for someone else because I always saw my dad going to work and coming home and not making crap to amount to anything. My dad retired from the Army after 22 years then he decided to be a security guard making very little back in the 80's. He could not believe that his son got a job making $18.00 an hour in 2005. Then I got a job paying $30.00 an hour in 2008. It was nice for awhile but I was still sick of working for someone else letting them get rich off of my sweat. Even after making $30 an hour and getting to travel on the company's dime.. Per diem, rental cars, fancy hotels, room service. Job's still suck. I'd rather work for myself and make what I made in a year in a month. Now that's what I'm talkin' about..

After graduating high school and not finding much opportunity I decided to join the U.S. Air Force. It was November of 1998 about a month after my 21st birthday. My first station was Lackland Air Force Base (San Antonio), Texas were I attended Electronic Principles School majoring in Avionics Systems Techology. My dad said that if he had the choice again he would have joined the Air Force. He said because they take care of you better. Dad you were right!

Upon graduating E.P. School I then went onto LANTIRN Avionic Systems School at Sheppard Air Force Base (Witchita Falls), Texas.
Upon graduation I served under NATO and the U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) at Aviano Air Base, Italy where I lived and worked for the next 4 years from August 1999 to September 2003. However, after serving 5 years in the Air Force I decided to leave the military life and become a civilian once again. Even after my supervisors practically pleaded with me not to leave. I just felt that there was something better calling me and I couldn't get to where I wanted to go while I was still in the USAF. 

I then worked for the Department of the Army at Dona Ana Range Camp, New Mexico and McGregor Range/Ft. Bliss, Texas as an Electronics Tech. Then I moved onto working for the Data Sciences Division at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico still under the Department of the Army's Civilian Sector. Futhermore, I decided to leave the Dept. of the Army and work for let's just say a company that rakes in Billions in government contracts. And still after all of that, to me, jobs still suck. 
However, I recently got into the internet business. For years I was wanting a way out of the mundane day-in and day-out lifestyle that the job market was offering me. I felt I was getting nowhere and the jobs I held were not fulfulling the way of life that I desired.
A life of FREEDOM and CHOICE. Freedom to do what I wanted to do, when and how I wanted to do it. And that is just not possible with a 9 to 5 job, or with any job period.

I wanted to find something that I could do from home and make a ton of cash doing it. Billions of dollars trade hands every friggin' day.. Billions.. I just needed a way to get some of that cash. Legally, I wasn't about to do something that could jeopardize my freedom, because that's what I was looking for more freedom.

What I needed was to learn how to use the internet to generate some massive cash flow, again legally. So that I could produce the level of freedom that I wanted.
Now I work for myself and I've gotta say that not having to get up at 5:00am like I used to and fighting traffic to get to work has been a blessing. Not to mention not having to listen to all the fellow employees complaining about the friggin' boss did this and the boss said that crap all day long. Hehe, I don't miss that at all. I also worked out of town and only got a see my family a few times a year but now I'm here all the time. Come to think of it I'm only filling my car up like every 3 or 4 weeks now. That's alot more cash in my pocket.

The internet rocks...

Well thanx for reading.

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My Location:  El Paso, Texas
United States

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Hello, Albert! Just a quick note to welcome you... there are lots of supportive people here who are willing to share their wealth of information and years of experience so have fun looking around and getting to know the BetterNetworkers :-)