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M3 Master Consultant / Internet and Small Business Coach and Trainer / "Serious Entrepreneur"
Primary Company:  Wealth Masters International
Company 2:  MyLeadSystemPRO
Industry:  Consulting
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hey, I'm Art. This past year has been quite a ride; Corporate America is now a memory!

I was born and bred in Philly. My dream was to play backup trumpet in Maynard Ferguson's jazz band. Some of my favorite memories were ditching high school and jamming with some of the jazz greats in downtown Philadelphia.

I was a music major for two years at West ChesterUniversity, but (and I hate to admit it) couldn’t pass music theory (evidently it wasn’t enough to be able to “improvise” my way to a music degree) so I ended up graduating with a degree in Business Administration.

So for the past 25 years I’ve been an entrepreneur. I started out as an investment broker; I was passionate about the business, worked hard and was very successful.

After 8 years, I decided to start my own business and have owned a thriving mortgage company in Pittsburgh for approximately 16 years…and quite frankly I was thoroughly enjoying my job. I was able to live the lifestyle that allowed me to pursue my interests as a wine connoisseur, golf, traveling, and playing trumpet semi-professionally. Life was great!

And then, as most of you are aware, a few years ago the real estate industry as a whole took a huge downturn… and to no surprise, so did my business. Well, being the entrepreneur that I am, I started looking for ways to supplement my income. I wanted to do something on a part-time basis and still be able to operate my mortgage company.

After looking at more opportunities than I care to remember (like many of you have) I joined an MLM company, but it was VERY old school.

I did everything my upline told me…you know, made a list of 100 friends… worked the phones for countless hours… chased down everyone including the postman to join my business.

Not only was I struggling, but so were those on my team.

I had to find an answer fast as by now I was dipping into my savings.

Thank God, I found what I was looking for - a company and a system that supplied phenomenal training as well as the marketing tools to promote it's life-changing wealth and health products, all of which allowed me to leverage my time and regain control over my financial future.

And if I, someone with ZERO experience or background in direct sales and marketing on the Internet can generate over $40,000 in sales in only four full months, so can you!!

My partner Cheryl and I are passionate about teaching others how to harness the power of the Internet and couple it with the one-to-one personal follow up. We are Internet trainers for our primary company community and are private consultants for people all over the US.

I am now in the process of selling my mortgage company and going full-time with my online business. To have financial freedom and the ability to work from home on my own schedule is huge!

My intention here at Better Networker is to bring you the very best to help you build WHATEVER home-based business you are in.

Feel free to shoot me an email at .

Thanks for stopping by! Add me as a friend...I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you here and adding value to this community.

Dedicated to your success,

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You wrote: "You have to know, though...unlike most people in this industry, I don't recruit -- I attract. I'll never ask you to join my opportunity. You'll have to ask me about it." While I'm not asking, I just wanted to say that I appreciate finding someone here who really does understand attraction marketing, what it means, and what was developed to do. Thanks for being a resource we can depend on. Melinda
Hi Art, Great talking with you today and thanks for accepting the friend invitation. I'm always looking to meet interesting and motivated people. If you're looking for some great free attraction marketing training that takes you step by step and click by click through the process Click Here: All the best, Adrian 604-841-6022
Welcome to BetterNetworker. I look forward to sharing a friendship with you here on BN!! A great place to learn and grow with kindred spirits! I love helping people succeed in network marketing. When you're really interested in other people, they'll know it. And "people join people" in network marketing, people don't just join companies. Build People. People will build your business. When people develop honest relationships with other people, then building a business is easy. I love this time of year, autumn is beautiful here in Okoboji!! Connie Loeschen Always Follow Your Bliss! Free Tools to Succeed in Network Marketing
Hi there Art, great to meet you! Welcome! Lena
Hi and Welcome, Welcome!! You are going to love this site!!!This is a great place to make new friends, create lasting relationships and learn more about working on the internet. If there is anything I can do to help you let me know. I. can give you some tips on how to use this site if you would like. Just call me and I can walk you through it. I have met some wonderful people so far As a welcoming gift to you, and to help you build your business, no matter what it is, I would like you to have this no charge e-book, Success on 10 steps. Most people think this short and funny book helps you to discover effective tools and systems to grow your business online. Again, glad to see you are here and welcome! Kindest Regards Judy Johnson 719-573-5333 click here to get your book