Aurelio Aranda

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Company:  my world plus
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hello, I am Aurelio

  I am an ex haz-mat worker with a backround in environmental remediation.  After years of hard work and long hours, going to work everyday just to be one more day closer to the end of each job. I knew the jobs would end and I would be back out in the market for a JOB. With no security and a slowing economy, I decided to go full time with my marketing efforts. The day I di was the day I became successful. You see I figured out that success is simply a state of mind and the amount of value we bring to the marketplace is up to us. So i found a mentor I got better and the things around me got better...

I am friendly, outgoing, open minded and I bring a lot of thought and energy to the marketplace.

I believe in the journey, the journey of life. I have made it a point to help others believe in themselves and dream bigger beginning with myself and ending with those willing to reach higher. See you there , at the top...

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Hi Aurelio, thanks for having me as a friend. I look forward to Better Networking with you. I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes. Leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination. - Unknown Best Wishes, Sean Haynes
Hi Aurelio, welcome to BN and thank you for your friendship. I see we have a friend in common "Marcello Lisi", he's awesome and genuine. Enjoy your weekend.
Hi Aurelio, Laura and myself wanted to welcome you to BN. Great place to share and learn some awesome information. If we can help just give us a call or email 910-988-5165 or [email protected] Have a Great and Blessed Day. Again Welcome Laura & Danny
Comment by Aurelio_A
Hello, thank you for that. Very nice of you