I have many, many interests. People, Food, Gardening, Art, Reading, online frolics in the virtual world, Playing with the boys every Saturday night yeah m0n jammin m0n <> rawk n roll.

Right now besides helping people online... in the virtual world I make movies and am starting that going again right now. I stream live concerts from studios or peoples homes. Whatever their stream is hooked to. I also do live events an such once in awhile (when I can make it) the virtual world. I am also slowly redoing my garden upstairs. Got salad veggies going there..tomatoe, cuc and lettuces...okok a watermelon an cantaloupe too, one vine each. You have to pollinate them all your self. I am lucky and have a large patio sliding door in the south room aka plant room. We find it is best to extend the season that way and get way more from your garden....well past xmas with fresh veggies. With that all said and done I am working to get my art studio going again. The garage hooked to this old house is to small for a car but a fabulous spot to get my art studio going again. I used to work in stained glass, wood, metal, and clay.

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anyone who is interesting and has something good to say ; )

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Hey y'all

   How are you all? My info is simple. I help people in all areas of life. Sounds a little far fetched.? Naaaa, I realized that is what I do and have done all my life so why stop now huh heheh ; )

I been around for a long time, oh and a long time online too heheh. I am here to learn more and help folks realize their life, even if juzt a litte better. I have already learned some great things and reinforced my own thoughts  as I was landing and looking around. w0w this place is seething with knowledge and good vibes. Must be the people  : )

Motto: Life is to short, lighten up, have some fun while living it. Help people don't be a drag or pain in the ...neck.

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My Location:  to0on t0wn, Canada

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Hi Baggz, "SOME people want to complain, beat themselves up and blame their failures on themselves. But MOST people that download and read "Success n 10 Steps" learn WHY their lack of success is NOT their fault!"
Comment by baggz
Hi Danny. No thank you we were in that. Good nuggets there. Say Hi to Don and Michael. I am here to learn more... and help ; )