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I am the CEO and Founder of which is a company dedicated to teaching people everything about online and offline marketing.  3 decades of marketing experience.  Owned and operated chain of radio stations & an advertising agency in Western Canada.  Top income earner in MLM since 1995. Past President of local United Way.  Each day I mentor and coach thousands of people around the world by way of live online webinars.  We offer more than 275 hours of pure internet marketing training in our video archives for our members (over 91 online training theaters) plus offer 4 hours per week of live mentoring complete with Q&A.  I teach 51+ tactics and strategies for online and offline marketing.  Our specialty is the free & residual methods of online marketing.  We help many people ranging from MLM distributors to affiliate marketers.  We are the best place to learn on the internet for a total newbie to internet marketing!  I am very happily married, have a huge love for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - and I love to serve people!

Gerald posted in the forums: Re: Safepay is a SCAM. Does Anyone Have Their Phone Number? 8 years ago
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Hi Gerald, Thanks for becoming by “friend” and “Welcome to BetterNetworker”... an amazing resource for anyone considering MLM as a means to attaining their life goals. I'm really looking forward to studying your biography, viewing your pictures and being your friend. It's neat to get to know people through this website. I have been both surprised and touched by the level of caring, concern, and assistance I have received. It's my "mission" to give all that back to others on the site. If you want, I would be very happy to work with you as you move along the MLM Success Path. (I assume you are in Network Marketing.) I have been in the industry for about 35 years; it has been a definite learning experience, although I think I must be a slow learner. Truthfully, I have learned MORE in the last little while, working with some of the people on this site, than I did in the whole previous 3.5 decades! Listen, Gerald, no matter how our personal connection works out on BetterNetworker, I want you to know I'm just here to help you... as you need or want. Not that I am a guru, or anything, but I do have quite a mastermind group so I have access to anything you may want to know and of course, everything I have is free. Most people are quite excited to discover the free information and mentoring I can guide you to... but some aren't. Are you concerned that you will be inundated with "offers" and "opportunities"? That could be! HOWEVER, rest assured that I will NEVER hustle you to join with me in my business. If you have any questions you want to ask, or have some ideas you want to bounce off me, go ahead and contact me. It's best to do that through Private Messages. If you’re unsure how to do that, then visit me, request help, and I’ll send you my free MLM ebook,“6 Blockbuster Action Steps to Capitalize on…In Just 3 Days” which tells (among other things) you how to use the Private Message capability of BN. What do you enjoy doing for fun when you have free time Gerald? Have you done a lot of travelling? Have you got some amazing pictures of BC? I travel to BC a lot. And since I’ve got relatives and friends all over, I plan my trips so I can bunk with them. The exchange is that I take them out for supper! Why not come visit my profile and take a peek at my new grandson! And do send me a message, because I have some information you just might need... OK? I have some excellent links that have information on what to do and what not to do in a home business. Help yourself Gerald! If you get a chance, read some of my articles; there is some valuable info there, and you will get to know me better! Make sure you update me on whatever you contribute, as well, please. Warmest regards, Garry Worger My 2 cents worth... (+1) 403 604 8407 p.s. Thanks again for accepting my “friend” request.