Working out. Reading Fantasy novels, personal development books, comic books. Movies (If it has Super heroes, space ships or Dragons. I am there.)

Working out. Spending time with my wife and 2 young sons.

Favorite Authors:
Terry Goodkind, Robert Kiyosaki, Napolean Hill

Favorite Quotes:
‎"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."

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Bob Stanis

Brand Partner
Primary Company:  Vemma Nutrition Company
Company 2:  GVO Hosting
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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I spent 25 years in the construction field. I started as a laborer at the ripe age of 15. I became a carpenters apprentice and then a carpenter. At age 31 I started my own contracting co. and did well for my family. Current economics forced me to look elsewhere for a decent income. Vemma was a natural fit. i have always been what you would call a "Gym Rat" and very health conscious. At the age of 40 I was looking for an energy supplement because I wasn't feeling 20 anymore. After many trials of different products Vemma was introduced to me and it delivered "Big Time". It is wonderful to be promoting a product and company that you believe 100% in. I would be buying Vemma products even if there was no income opportunity. This makes the business free as far as I'm concerened.

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My Location:  New Milford, Connecticut
United States

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