Movies especially old movies like black and white movies. Martial Arts ( I am 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo) Music ( I am play the Tenor, Alto, and Sorprano Saxophones)

I like to perform my music. I like to workout. I like to compete in Martial Art Tournments I like playing basketball.

Brian Hawkins

CEO of Platinum Dynasty
Primary Company:  5LINX
Company 2:  Magnetic Sponsoring
Other Company:  Fresh Start University, Inc.
Industry:  Telecommunications
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Brian Hawkins is a multi talented entreprenuer on a mission to empower others to identify and fulfill their true purpose. He accomplishes this by guiding people from all walks of life through a system of generational wealth building that leads to the time and financial freedom needed to discover and develop their life callings. His million dollar message is that “It is impossible to stop a man or woman who will not quit!” Mr. Hawkins is uniquely qualified to promote this philosophy as his story epitomizes the ideal of not quitting and succeeding. He was raised by his parents Joseph and Glenda in West Memphis AR. Armed with the lessons of hard work and determination taught to him by his parents, Brian succeed from an early age always making the honor roll and testing his entreprenurial skills. Brian was a honor graduate from West Memphis Sr. High and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of AR at Pine Bluff majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Finance. After graduating Brian became the youngest full time employee in the history of the West Memphis AR Social Security Adm. Field Office.

However Brian was not content as a government worker. He worked seemingly eternal shifts at an income he could predict for the next 40 years based on the government workers pay scale. Brian quickly learned there was more to life than just working 40 hours a week for 40 years just to retire and try to live on 40% of your income. Thus. Brian began a personal journey to learn more and become more so that he could do more for himself, his family, and his people. He believed that if could develop himself into the man that God purposed him to be, he would be empowered to create a quality of life for his family that God intended human beings to have.

Brian tried several ventures in insurance, sales and real estate. Some ventures were successful and some weren't. However, in this entreprenurial process he learned the skills necessary to become an astute businessman and effective leader. So when he was finally introduced to a truely profitable opportunity in 5Linx, Inc. he was able to seize it, earning a leadership position, becoming the first executive in the state of Arkansas in his first month only working the business part time. His purposed preparation and tenacious work ethic, mergered with an incredible business plan, have resulted in the formation of his team Platinum Dynasty Marketing. which is poised to quickly become one of the largest networking organiztions in the networking marketing industry. It is Brian's greatest wish to financially empower as many people as possible, so it you are interested in working with Brian to achieve your financial empowerment just go to the business opportunity section of this site for more information.


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Hi Brian, Great meeting you here on Better Networker. Thank you for allowing us to become friends also. You are right about the industry. With the right education and relationship building skills the sky is the limit. Have a Blessed Day, Danny & Laura