I raise edible gardens and white German Shepherds. My wife and I are Christ followers and enjoy leading a value based life and paying it forward as much as possible.

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Brian Lewis

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Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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I first became involved in network marketing in the late 80's. I enjoyed some good successes and some failures as well. While I was working as a car salesman and finance manager for twenty years,I would get into this business or that one.Knowing the power of the industry and possessing a strong belief in the business model I kept coming back. It seemed that something all ways came up and got in my way and I would fall on my face and get out for a while.It took a major event to make me realize that the problem was Me. I didn't see it at the time , but I was more committed to my success rather than my group's. Bad mistake So Sorry, never again.
In 2008 I was in a car wreck (ironic don't you think). Anyways, after several years of back and neck surgery, I became addicted to all kinds of prescribed meds. Fortunately I realized this and spent 9 months of VERY painful recovery. I know why people have a hard time getting off of them, it's not so much that you want more , it's that you become deathly ill if you don't take them( at least is was for me ). Main point here is that I decided to take control of my health and not let the big pharma make me another death statistic. That's how I found my primary business(Youngevity), I fell in love with their products and committed to building a large group in an effort to help others to lead healthier lifestyles, free from financial enslavement. My WHY will seem obvious in light of my story. I am on a mission to form a private foundation , building farms that raise organic beef,poultry and pork which I will donate to those who can only afford the modified food like stuff offered on the market because of the cost and convenience.I want to see America healthy again.
I also have a lovely wife (Renee) who after spending twenty years as a product manager going back and forth to China. Eventually she realized that she would be fulfilling one of her dreams of becoming a surgical nurse. Currently she in her second year of nursing school(straight A's of course).

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