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Travel, personal development, sports, business, nature , arts, books, movies, gardening, pets, fine dining, and more.

Friends, Surfing, swimming, reading, movies,traveling, Tai-chi, decorating, cooking, learning.

Favorite Authors:
E.Tolle, Shakespeare, Jim Rohn, Lao Tse, Tony Robins, and many others .

Favorite Quotes:
What can I learn from that?

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brigitte charlon

Primary Company:  Talk Fusion Global
Company 2:  Essanté Worldwide
Company 3: LLC
Other Company:  Marketing Survival Skills
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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It's very long to tell the story of 54 years of living a fulfilled life! The results is what's important now:
I'm making my living living! as a network marketer, a surfer, traveler, business-woman, and passionate with many interests and personal development.

My bio is on my blog, ,with lots of information, and lots of posts , photos and videos on my Facebook wall too.

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My Location:  Moorea and Kona, French Polynesia

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