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Seattle Police Brutality Attorney, Seattle Jail Death lawyer, Seattle Wrongful death police lawyer, Seattle Prison death lawyer, Seattle Prison death attorney, Seattle Police shooting attorneys, Seattle Excessive force attorneys, Seattle Jail Abuse Attorneys

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Budge & Heipt PLLC

Seattle Police Brutality Attorneys
Company:  Budge & Heipt PLLC
Industry:  Law
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Our mission at Budge & Heipt PLLC is to hold police, law enforcement, and jails and prisons accountable for constitutional violations that result in wrongful death or serious bodily harm. We do this by thoroughly investigating each and every case we take, demanding answers, uncovering the truth, and pursuing fair compensation under the law for victims and their loved ones. In addition to our own experience and expertise, we work with the support and assistance of forensic investigators, medical examiners, experts in police work and corrections, life care planners, and numerous other experts from a variety of fields appropriate to the case. Our proven success is related to our hard work, passion for what we do, and our efforts behind the lines long before we reach the inside of a courtroom. We pride ourselves on our thorough case preparation and our willingness to go all the way to trial. We accept only a limited number of cases so that each case receives the proper attention, respect, and thorough preparation required to win.

Practice Areas:
Seattle Police Brutality Attorney
Seattle Jail Death lawyer
Seattle Wrongful death by police lawyer
Seattle Police Misconduct
Seattle Drug and alcohol withdrawal death in jail or prison
Seattle Police shooting attorneys
Seattle Excessive force attorneys

Budge & Heipt PLLC
705 2nd Ave #910
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 624-3060
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My Location:  Seattle, Washington
United States

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Seattle Police Brutality Attorneys