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reading, writing, crochet, networking, social justice, travelling, music, and sometimes just doing nothing.

Spending time with family and friends, grilling, working out, being on the computer,shopping, doing makeup and my nails, playing any final fantasy game and being with my team.

Favorite Authors:
Anne Rice, Terry Brooks, Shakespeare, Stephan King, John Maxwell, and Capoate

Favorite Quotes:
One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

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Candy Williams

CTL Rep Expansion Leader
Company 2:  La Bella Baskets
Company:  InVado International
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Brand New Business (0-1 years)

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I am a single mother of three great children. When I began my journey with InVado International last July I was working three jobs. I had hardly any money. To be honest I was quite depressed. I went to a meeting at a friends house just so she would have someone there. I listened and I had to get in. I went to high school and some college. I have always worked hard at a job. I was tired of working so hard and having no money barely able to keep the lights on. I come from a blue collar family that I love very much. I like to write it is my passion! I also love to dance, crochet, read books and spend time with family and friends. My life has not been easy which is why I had to join in to the networking field. I want to be able to help my children financially as they grow up. Now I am trying other things I never knew were around. InVado is my first love. Like LaBella Gift Baskets love them! Affiliate marketing WOW I never knew what that was! Now I am an InVado Rep, LaBella Basket Consultant, Affiliate with AWeber as of yesterday and looking at two more opportunities. I am tired of working a job! Two down one to go! With InVado my team is awesome! We are the Pitbulls! Misty is one of my best friends for many years and now she is an RMD! Amazing! I have struggled as I was not coach-able in the beginning. If I was I would probably be where Misty is now. I am very shy as well another thing I am working on and will succeed at plowing through. I know these businesses are not get rich quick type of things. I know it will take stubbornness and a lot of hard work plus a positive attitude to succeed. I am learning every day more and more with support of people in my businesses and outside of it. NOW just to learn how to manage all of these that will the trick! I welcome you to follow me on my journey from employee to business owner. It should be an exciting and bumpy ride!

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My Location:  Rochester, United States

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