Wanted: a PUBLICIST-Agent-Mgr.. 2- Lets Schedule a Seminar to help Boost your INCOME.. 3- could I find my SoulMate here.. 4- who wants to START an MLM Co, I DO via BetterNetworker

Captain Dave

Author-Writer, Speaker-Teacher-Trainer, PR, Spin Doctor, Sales-Marketing Consultant, Market Research-TESTING, former Airline Captain-ATP - Columnist - Single - Racquetteball/Golfer/Hiker/Boating -Lets START AN MLM OPPTY, or Launch a Social Network !
Company:  PowerLineSystems Business PLanner Systems - who wants to START an MLM Oppty... or Launch a Singles Social Network Site to help people find their SoulMate.. or, START a Wellness MLM Operation to help Millions find Health and Wealth ;-)
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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I have TWO parts to this profile... A- BUSINESS .... and,    B- PERSONAL - Singles info......

As a Single Entreprenuerial Guy, it would be great if I could find an MLM Girl who is: Smiling, HAPPY, Healthy, Positive, FUN, Fit/Slim, sweet, who loves kids, pets, nature and the planet ! - If she's not into Business, she can skip all my NWMing data in this profile and read my "Singles Blog" herein.. ( or visit my match.com profile username = Lkg4aSpecialGirl or my tagged.com/CaptainDave profile ;-)

- and if you own a HOME BASED BUSINESS in the: Network Marketing, MLM, Party-Plan or Direct Sales Industries.......... then skip the Singles Stuff on here and focus on how we can work together to help YOU reach your income/Business Building Goals/Dreams/Aspirations in 09 ! ;-)    I can help you: RETIRE EARLY, pay off your DEBTS, earn a 6-figure income f/t, Drive a new car or build your DREAM HOME.

NOTE... I am the owner/designer/creator of the PowerLine Business Planner System ( please see: www.PowerLineSystems.ws ) This, along with it's subsets IS THE TOOL YOU NEED TO SUCCEED IN THE NETWORKING INDUSTRY !

and this is not just "spin"... my INCOME CASH-FLOW GENERATING TOOLS have been on the order forms of some of the biggest MLM Operations in the world ;-) So ask about this AFFORDABLE, MONEY-MAKING Planner System... YOU WILL BE AMAZED at how you lived without it so far !!

- ASK ABOUT MY FREE TAPE TITLED:  "How to make a 6-figure Income as a Career Professional Network Marketer"...

- I have many many free ARTICLES on how to succeed at your Home Based Business......... some here or ask for more   ;-)

- I can do FREE... 3-way Conference Call Trainings with you or you and your group.....

- you could HOST a WORLD CLASS Training Event in your region - with me as your key-note Speaker-Teacher-Trainer.... and this will BOOST YOUR INCOME as fast as humanly possible.............   ;-)

============ ==== BUSINESS ====== =============

: Ask yourself.... have YOU ever wanted to talk/deal DIRECTLY with the OWNER of an MLM Company.......... - - or perhaps a proven 20 veteran builder/leader to help you with questions regarding the growing of YOUR Home Business Oppty ? !

I humbly offer you the services / guidence / expertise of "me"... my friends call me Captain Dave" because my 1st career was as a Flight Officer/Prof Commercial Pilot. I am blessed to have become a proven, recognized, moral, leader who is honored to have held countless leadership titles.... i.e.: MLM Co. President, VP of Sales and Mktg, Master Distributor, Director of Training, Dir of Communications, Consultant, Muse, Right Hand Man, Couselor, Trainer... and asked to be on many Advisory Boards...

if this is the kinda guy you are looking to network with... then be my friend... but please please do NOT spam me with cut/paste mass email junk in my in-box .... that is soooooooooooooooo cold, unprofessional and tacky !

.......... have you ever wanted to be one of the FIRST Distributor/Builders to learn about an EXCITING NEW OPPTY before everyone else knows about it? ... I would and did !

... SO IF YOU ARE AN MLM OWNER, or you're one of the key players that are in verrrrrry early launching a new operation... and seek to add another leader/team member to your insider leadership group.... LETS TALK ;-)

I prefer to GET IN EARLY in a business oppty...in my efforts to become one of the TOP TEN LEADERS...... !

or I choose to teach you how to do the samep>

the EARLY BIRDS are the FIRST Distr's to EARN a FREE CAR...... or, you could become a company TRAINER...... or, you could HOST CONF CALLS AND CONVENTIONS....... or, YOU COULD go on FREE VACATIONS...... Pay-off all your DEBTS........ Build your dream home......... STOP Commuting on our polluted highways....... and stop waking up to an alarm clock........ and start gaining the free-time to enjoy your hobbies....... family/kids and enjoy something special with your spouse every month !!

Why would you want to be just ONE of the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DISTR'S who are drifting un-productively around and getting nowhere...>


....... saddly, most of you do NOT have what it takes. You need to be TEACHABLE (like I was 20yrs ago)... and be willing to follow directions and do what your mentor says ! Just like I DID 2 decades ago when I started my record-breaking, award-winning, moral, proven track record of success (DK said with great humility !)

NOTE: I have been BLESSED/honored to have been invited/ added as a NEW leader/PARTNER in the past........... and I will come OUT OF RETIREMENT to look at and work ONE LAST NETWORKING BUSINESS OPPTY....

what insider project do you have for me to consider ?


(and please please PLEASE.... DO NOT SPAM ME any more "oppty DEALS" without reading my profile first...... I get 100 a day ;( ... I'm listed here on myspace to HELP "YOU" EARN A 6-FIGURE INCOME WITH ME in my/our new oppty only........... sorry, as a company leader, I CAN'T WORK more than ONE OPPTY at a time......... you understand my position

I just signed-up on MySpace in Spring '08... I came to meet networkers and MAKE REAL FREINDS............. not gain 1000 "fake friends".................. 99% of my emails so far are from nice people who NEVER invested the time to even read my profile... they ONLY SEND cut/paste canned spam messages......... why do these people do this.... is there sojme award for getting the most FAKE FRIENDS on here...... I prefer to get to know REAL PEOPLE and build REAL RELATIONSHIPS and share ideas and learn from some of you...... I already get enough SPAM and have enough "PEERS"... I do not enjoy recieving JUNK EMAIL here.... ;( this is my rough draft ;-)

- - - - - My basic BUSINESS Bio/Background:

- I teach Entrepreneur's the SECRETS on how to: RETIRE within 2-5 yrs... EARN FREE CARS and FREE VACATIONS... earn SIX-FIGURE f/t INCOMES or significant p/t incomes... get their profile/bio featured in their Company Magazine... I help folks earn enough to buy their "Dream House"... I show serious people ways to Pay Off ALL their Debts... etc.... ( - now if this business stuff doesn’t interest you, skip down to my personal message below ;-)

- I am honored to have my name on the cover of 7 books... I pretty-much wrote a column in the number 1 Publication in my Industry NMBJ for a decade....... I’ve built (with the help of others) 5 huge sales organizations of 10,000 to 14,000 entrepreneurs over 2 decades... I’ve taught tens of thousand of distributors as a Teacher/ Educator / Speaker/ Trainer in 8 countries... I was honored to have done lots of Radio Talk-Show Programs... been the President/VP/Dir of Training or Master Distributor in several operations................ you get the idea...

I know NWMing inside and out. And I am the Designer/Creator of the World Finest NWMing Business Planner: “the PowerLine System”. (I was the first teacher to invent this type of system in our industry)

- - - - I am blessed to have become a Proven 20 year Veteran Leader in the Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Party Plan Multi-Level Marketing Industries... - my clients represent operations like: Shaklee, Rexall, Enrich, Quorum, FreeLife, USANA, FullerBrush, Arbon, Discovery Toys, Herbalife, and tons more in 8 countries etc...etc...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1- Using my World-Class, Celebrity-Endorsed, Award-Winning Teaching Technologies/Tools... I TRAIN SALES FORCES TO PRODUCE MORE REVENUE... whether its 50 or 5,000 attendee's, they walk away extremely excited having learned my unique SERCRETS on how to grow their home based business.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2- I also CONSULT with Owners and/or their Admin Staff to boost/grow/build/ INCREASE SALES... I do the research neccessary to find out why the company is stagnant, and then develop systems that will enable the operation to build to $5M - $30M/mo in gross revenues.< /p>

- - - - - - all of this is documented in my bio that you can review on my website www.PowerLineSystems.ws or email me here.

- - - - - - My Marketing Strategies are: Fresh, Alive, New, Interesting, Different, Exciting, and Mega-Creative... if you would like to form a "Strategic Alliance Business Partnership"... then lets share ideas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

B - I also do RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING and other related COMMUNICATIONS BUILDING TRAINING EVENTS... I can help people with their relationships at home or work to improve their inner-personal relationships with others. You can view a sample of my Personality Type book on my website... titled: “4 Secrets to Developing Solid Relationships”. It’s a FUN book that tells you why YOU do what you do... why OTHERS do what they do... what career is best for you... how to get along better with your kids, spouse, co-workers, family, peers and friends.

================ ================ ===============

- - - - - - - - - - PERSONAL - - - - - - -

================ =============== ==============

please see my match.com site profile ... username Lkg4aSpecialGirl

I'm SINGLE and from Wisconsin... moved to CA 20yrs ago... then moved up to the beautiful Alpine Community of Lake Arrowhead, CA a mile high up in the San Bernardino Mountains the last 6yrs to play...

- I love ADVENTURE, anything FUN, almost any sports activity... hiking, mtn biking, boating, motorcycling, flying, etc...etc...

- - - - - things that interest me are: Writing Books/Articles, Singing / playing Guitar-Keyboards, WRITING MUSIC, (I had a record a long time ago ;-)... any sports, boating, riding my big cycle or mtn bike, picnics, BBQ's, Pig Tails, Yard Sales, a Woman in a Man's Shirt, Sports Cars, Guinness Stout or a good bottle of Wine, Sushi, Self-Help / Personal Development Teachings, finding deals on eBay, Fixing up the House, some yard work, and TRAVEL !

I have a very nice profile on www.Match.com - username Lkg4aSpecialGirl that details and explains what I am looking for in a Soul Mate / Life Partner / Lover and Best Friend........ its well written and is suppose to attract ONE SPECIAL GIRL who is: Happy, Healthy, Smiling, FUN, Adventurous, Slim-fit, giving, caring, sharing, loving and ROMANTIC ! Go there and look up my profile and study/research me... the right girl will be verrrrrrry happy she did ;-)

Who I'd like to meet:

I would like to meet:

- - 1 - - ONE SPECIAL GIRL who is: Happy, Healthy, ROMANTIC, FUN, slim, fit, sweet, loving nice, caring girl - - - - - please see my www.Match.com profile, ( username = Lkg4aSpecialGirl ), for a complete detailed message on what I am looking for in a Soul-Mate / Life Partner ;-) - - - - - -

- I am single and humbly submit that I am one of the rare "Good Guys"......

5'10" with a basic athletic/average-ish build... I play Rball 4-5 times a week.................. I guess it would be nice to meet ONE Very Special Girl who's: POSITIVE, Pro-active, FUN, Romantic, Fit/Slim, 38-48, 5' to 5'8", who is GIVING, CARING, SHARING, LOVING, Amiable, HAPPY... a girl who is NOT Moody, has NO Baggage, doesn't do drugs/has no bugs, loves kids, pets, the planet earth and is Spiritual at some level... she is LOYAL, Adventurous, Open-Minded, and is FUN and HAPPY !

She SMILES ALL THE TIME... she is POSITIVE and Pro-Active... She has some kind of career... and loves life. She is Mega-ROMANTIC... likes LONG PASSIONATE KISSSSSSSS's... she enjoys holding hands, kissing in public, tight hugs... spooning and lying by the fireplace in a mans shirt with a Pony-Tail, white socks, a bowl of popcorn, glass of wine watching the Comedy Channel with me as the snow flutters down out onto the deck.

- she eats healthy... cares about others... and is maybe the nice "girl next door"... or a successful business woman who isn't focused on her career as much anymore... and wants to PLAY, have FUN, Travel, and enjoy life from now on !

========================== ======================

- 2- anyone associated with my business interests (listed herein - Network Marketing, MLM, Party-Plan, Direct Sales)...

==================== ==================

- 3- people assoc'd with AVIATION, MOTORCYCLES, RacquettBall, SONG-WRITING, MOUNTAIN LIVING, HIKING, Relationship Counseling, Sports Cars, Replica Kit-Cars, Green Bay Packers, Guiness Stout/Beer Making, Singles Web-Site Development, Sushi...

- - - - BUSINESS: - - - -

I would like to "Network" with anyone affiliated with my industry/field... entrepreneurs who need their company to BOOST GROSS SALES. I also would like to exchange ideas with people related to: MLM, Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Party Plan, Direct Sales, PR / Public Relations, Spin Doctoring, Advertising, Direct Marketing, Mail-Order, Online Viral Marketing, Contact Management Systems, Event Management, and people in related subject areas ;-

- - - - - - Since I do RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING and other related COMMUNICATIONS BUILDING TRAINING EVENTS... I can help people at home or work to improve their inner-personal relationships with others. If you need help... just ask ! ;-)

- - - - - - I can perform an outstanding Seminar Workshop for FREE "if" you are a Singles Group, Church, Spiritual or non-profit Organization dedicted to "helping people". Some Private Mentoring possible on a case-by-case basis....

- - - - - - I can help you find the RIGHT SOUL MATE... RIGHT CAREER... and assist you with inter-personal relationship challenges with co-workers, spouse, children, family members, siblings, friends and peers ;-)

PERSONAL: email me for moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee info

Scott added a classified ad: Good Health in 1 minute per day! 3 years ago
Scott added a classified ad: Good Health in 1 minute per day! 3 years ago
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Hi Dave, Thank you 4 accepting me into the group. Looking forward to learn (as far as we here around are avid students, right?)....and to have some fun, too. See you soon. Inese startearnfromhome.com
Hello Captain Dave Thank you for inviting me to be your friend. Wishing you all the best in your business. I appreciate you, Daniela Riess
Hi Captain Dave, Thanks for the invite. I look forward to getting to know you. I am happily maried to a commercial pilot myself so I am definitely looking at the business side only. :-) Dianne
Hi Captain Dave! Your Bio is awesome. Sounds like you are doing plenty of business. I started with this site because I really wanted to help people out of the difficulties that they have had in their conventional or Network Marketing businesses. I am coaching free of charge with the hope of connecting with many people in this Community. Please browse through my profile, see what I am all about. I do have a great e-book that has changed many lives in Network Marketing for the better. I look forward to hearing from you. A friend. Dan Sauvageau 720-851-7720 [email protected]
Hello Dave, Welcome to Better Networker from your new friend Nancy Sampson I think you'll have a great time here. I am a coach and a Mentor... My coaching is absolutely free of charge and we can start immediately. I would love to help you with anything you need..to reach success.. So why not take your first step and download the ebook below entitled "Success In 10 Steps" that will save you many years of failure and frustration as it did me. Click here for the ebook Success in 10 Steps To your success.. Nancy Sampson Your Friend and Mentor For Life.. H-320-243-4459 C-320-309-7754
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how do I email you ?
Hi Captain Dave, Thanks for inviting me and a warm welcome, to the site where I meet more friends. I am happy to be a member here they are very friendly, I wish you all the best to find the lady of your dream. Respectfully, Annie
Welcome Captain David, You have found a great place to build friendships that will last a lifetime! . My main focus is to continue to learn how to market and advertise online for free. The best information I've learned so far was FREE, here at BetterNetworker. Go visit my profile and you can download an e-book on my website that will save you years of struggles, failure and frustrations. Let’s have fun learning together, having friends is the best way to learn and work together as a family!!!! Your New Friend, Cyrilla Wall I am here for you! (507) 227-2288
Howdy Captain! Welcome to the community. I hope you find that special lady you're looking for. -Jeremy
Hello - Glad you found BN. An awesome place to share and learn from many kindred spirits. Enjoy and stop by and visit me sometime. Always Follow Your Bliss! Connie Loeschen A Mentor with a Servants Heart 712-461-0856
Hi ! I’m so pleased to meet you at better networker. I look forward to communicating with you in the in regards to our online ventures and ambitions. I am a full time online entrepreneur specializing In Multi Level Marketing. If you would like to know more about me, and how we may be able to help each with our businesses, feel Free to call or email me. It’s All About Time Make Every Moment Count For Good Hyper Link To Cross Walk . Com Ecclesiastes 3:1 Sincerely, Perry J. Gibson, Sr. 773-734-3134 USA / CST [email protected]