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Dear Punks,

I will be updating this real soon with my bio and qualifications. Maybe I'll even include some video footage of me in action so you'll have no question I mean business.

It will soon be crystal clear why I was chosen as "the law" around here, but until then you'll just have to take my word for it.

Always remember, I've got my eye on you and my club at the ready. If you haven't already, read my forum rules here .

Yours truly,

Forum Law Enforcement

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Alright, punks! Don't bother me unless you got something good to say or are offering to me me donuts.

I'm way too busy kicking ass and taking names to deal with little things.

But if someone is a' messin' with y'all then give me a holler and I'll come lay the smackdown.


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here is something good to say, I was bored browsing your profile and found a typo "Alright, punks! Don't bother me unless you got something good to say or are offering to me me donuts"
Hi Carl Just a quick hello I know your a busy man so not to bother you. If you like horses come and meet our wild mustangs. Your friends Cynthia and James
OH no... 5-0, they're onto me!
Well Sir, I just signed up and went to the What's A Guru post and although I'm not really sure how to use this site yet (I just came over from Fernando Ceballos at SEO2020 not really knowing what to expect), I will DEFINITELY do no bad things. I Hope! David Scott Lynn
Thanks for all of your help. I appreciate it. Nancy
Hi Carl, Thank you for keeping Better Networker a high quality professional site. I will keep my eyes open. Elwood
Hi Carl My guru level is should be "2" according to the points I have earned. Can you fix it for me? Thanks. :-) Lena
Hi Carl, Where have you been? I see the reply above was August... I read your Bill of Rights & Wrongs elsewhere & I accepted a "friend" & you came up! Is that what happens now??? Next a newbie, of more than a week, can I please have those 7 beginner e-mails ? I may have got them before, but as a newbie, I didn't have a clue what anything was or what anything meant either in my first week! I'd espouse your virtues all over the world if you can let me feast my eyes on those 7 pearls of wisdom. Thanking you in hopeful anticipation, Your fervent servant of the cause... Mary
I fought the law and the law won. Hookem, Lawrence
Thanks for keeping an eye out! I enjoy when you get to exchange good information and not have to worry about spammers and stuff like that. Keep it up Carl. Bryan
Hey Carl... Glad to see you have things under control, sir. I'll watch myself in here, I hope to never end up in the Better Networker "slammer." Nick Hetcher