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Leading large groups of motorcycles.

Favorite Authors:
Dean Koontz

Favorite Quotes:
"You only live once"


"Help others develop success on the Internet and in return we will succeed together"
Company:  CNA Global Enterprises, LLC
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hello fellow Betternetworking friends,

Glad to meet all the successful people here on Betternetworker.com. When you get a chance you should really come connect with me on another amazing network that's free to join and loaded with great people who share marketing strategies with everyone. It is a great place to meet and connect with tons of business prospects. The Alexa growth of this new network website is crazy! Soon it will be a household name like facebook, myspace, or twitter.

To a successful Twenty-Ten,
Cliff Covill
Global Marketing Expert

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CLIFFORD posted in the forums: Re: Do most people join an MLM/NMarketing company to make money? 8 years ago
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My Location:  Hooksett, New Hampshire
United States

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"Help others develop success on the Internet and in return we will succeed together"

Thanks again for adding me here on BN! Miss out on the ".COM Race?" Then get ready for the ride of your life..Take a free test drive today!! http://www.freedom.ws/marketingexpert Cliff

Hi Clifford: Thanks for acknowledging me here. Looking forward to learning a lot from all of you.
Clifford, thanks for connecting. I'm new to the BN community and I look forward to getting to know you. Melissa Selby
Hello from Wisconsin! Thanks for adding me. Have a great weekend! Debbie Raiman
Hi just popping by to say - cute doggie :-) I've got a Jack Russell myself, i will have to get some more pictures of her. Zara x
Thanks for stopping by my page and looking forward to keeping in touch. Ashley
Comment by carr30
I look forward to keeping in touch as well Ashley! Hope to chat soon.
Clifford, I LOVE that "...we will succeed together", thanks for keeping it real. I'm beginning to think you are right and that I may have to go to school to get this marketing thing. Even books out of the library, I'm not sure...I have a feeling that if I'm not accountable to someone I'll get distracted. Stumbled into this 14-member group, setting something up...but until it brings in $, and we start having real conversations with real people... Goes live soon. Well, at least it will be "more experience". I'll never get used to this uncertainty but probably have to live with it!
Comment by carr30
Internet Marketing usually can only be learned through hands on trial and error. It's so important to record everything you do!
Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to reading your info.
Comment by carr30
Your welcome Palma. Hope you enjoy the read.
Lin Stone wrote
Thank you so much for your help in straightening out the lack of paragraphs in the article I posted.. ARE YOU A HERO AT PUBLIC SPEAKING AND DON'T KNOW IT? I don't know how many times I tried to fix it myself. Now people can read it, and the article makes sense. Thanks again. You are a hero.
Comment by carr30
Glad to have been able to help Lin. Don't know about the Hero part though. lol
Hi Cliff thanks for welcoming me and offering your support. See you around!
Comment by carr30
Not a prob Andrea. Keep in touch!
Thanks for welcoming me to BetterNetworker. I beginning to find my way around. Enjoying the articles.
Comment by carr30
There are some great articles on this network. A ton of knowledge!
Hi Clifford, great to hear from you and thanks for being the first to welcome me to BetterNetworker. I look forward to getting to know you better.
Comment by carr30
Your more than welcome Bob, I too look forward to our new friendship
Clifford, As I was responding to your guestbook entry I noticed that you like to lead large groups of motorcycles. Have you made it to our big West River Sturgis Rally? We see all the traffic headed out there coming through here, East River. Take care. Sara http://www.LaptopJunkieTales.com.
Comment by carr30
That is the only Bike Rally I have yet to have taken part in. My buddy went last year and I was suppose to go but was unable to!
Thanks, Clifford, for stopping by. Always nice to meet a new friend in network marketing, plus my RoadKing is about ready to fire up. Sounds like FUN on your end. Interesting what folks discover in MLM. I'm semi-retired but love new challenges. Today, our goal is to try our hand at helping young adults and Sr. Citizens ad income streams to their income. We selected cell phones since everyone seems to have one from the kids to the adults. Most of us hate the contract so we don't have one. We're in pre-launch until October 19 when our products hit the market. Interested? Here's my link for anyone who wants to see what a bunch of former EXCEL Communications millionaires are doing today.... my link: http://www.actiontips.globalverge.com where HUB marketing on a 3x9 matrix is about ready to roll out.
Yo whats up Cliff, Thanks for being a friend in this great community. I am glad to communicate with such intelligent people on a well put together site. Please feel free to write me any time you'd like to share wisdom, or ask for advice. Always Trying My Best, Albert http://mysite.thepeoplesprogram.com/secretmarketer/adutton/
Hello cliff, can you help review this program http://www.holidaysandcash.com/oneyowa Hear from you soon.
Hello Clifford. Haven't seen you for a few days. I'm sure you keep mightly busy. I just wanted to stop by and say Good Morning. Have a blessed and prosperous day. Deb DeYarmon
Comment by carr30
Hi Debra. Yup been crazy busy. Will prob get you up and running with GDI next week at the latest.
Hello cliff, Just to say I got you message. I will be launching one of my products here in the next 3 weeks I will want you to be part of this by giving me good articles. Hope this is not too much to ask for. Hope to hear from you soon
Jon Doe wrote
Thanks for the warm welcome clifford. I looking forward in sharing and learning more about network marketing from you.
Comment by carr30
It is a pleasure Tristan. I look forward to sharing my success with you.
Hi clifford.Thanks for your warm welcome.I would like to be able to pick your brain to help me create a website to help my new business opportunity with Mona vie here in the UK.Looking forward to leaning and sharing with you.WWW.MonavieEXPOSEuk or e-mail [email protected]
Comment by carr30
Not a prob Bryan. I look forward to helping. I have sent you an email maessage just now. I look forward to hearing back!
Hi Clifford, Thanks for your frienfship
Comment by carr30
Your very welcome Damian. Hope your week has been as succesful as mine.