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Most of my interestes is based on sport, Ilike to run, Laste september i joined the Jungfrau Marathon, Switserland. Marathon up into the mountains. Like to travel. Last summer we have spent our holidays in Kenia, Afrika. Love to wath movies the latest one we have seen was : Wall street, Money never sleeps

Spending my time with my family, active sport, running, field hockey, Skiing, Sailing. Some activities on the stock market

Favorite Authors:
chris widener, Tom Clancy, Ken Blanchard/Don Hutson

Favorite Quotes:
Don't worry it alwyas be different. Look at the bright site of live

Charl Hoogendoorn

Online Marketing and busines coach
Company:  Branding myself
Industry:  Business Opportunities
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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Born and Raised in the Netherlands, Europe. A company of my own in the aviation, struccled with the crisis after 9/11 and stopped this company after 12 years of hard work. Starting this summer as an full-time online marketer.
But first things first: My name is Charl Hoogendoorn and I' live together with my wife and my 2 boys .
After finish my school years and working for a Boss I decided to start a company for my own. I always want to become an airline pilot but because of one death ear it was not possible. Taking over an existing flight school was the beginning of an hardworking episode in my life.
An episode with a couple of ups but mostly downs. The biggest one was of course 9/11
In all this years I visit couples of meetings about MLM
Every time I was enthusiastic about the opportunities but still missing something. I really do not want to sell to Family and friends. I want to build a business, i want to build a Team. I have tried a couple of times but as most of us not successful.
Till I found this:
not only how to properly brand and market myself, and to develop into a Leader, but also created an insatiable hunger in me for knowledge, self-education and excellence within my field.
The snowball will start to roll...
I will become a winner, traveling the world with my laptop, and living the lifestyle I used to only dream about...
If you are interested in business opportunities -- I invite you to my website http://www.fastmoneymakingmachine.org

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My Location:  Huizen, Netherlands

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Hi Charl, welcome to Better Networker. You have found a great community full of knowledge and others that are willing to help without want. You have found a great home here.