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OK .... Lets get the boaring stuff over with !!

I am originally from Saginaw Michigan, and currently live about 15 miles north in Bay City. After high school, I studied Business Administration at Delta College for about 2 years.  I was tired of school and joined the Marine Corps in 1979.  I enjoyed the experience and it really help me grow as a person.  However, it was short lived because of a knee injury I sustained while playing football in high school. "BIG JOCK" back in the day.

When I returned home and entered into the retail field and have been involved in retail ever since.  I am 49 years young and I am the General Manager for Continental Homes Center Inc. I am proud to say that I have had the same career for 27 years with the same company.  We have 15 stores threw out the state.  I am proud of my accomplishments with CRI, but I look forward to the future even more.

I have been involved with IM on and off for about two years now as a way to supplement my income when I do retire.  I have had some success and MANY failures. My biggest frustration is time and consistency when it comes to running my business. "Information overload" also gets in the way .  I enjoy meeting and networking with like minded people.  And  soon I hope to add some valuable content to bring here to Better Net worker.

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Hi Christ Welcome aboard. I am sending you a private message Rachel Cormier Mission BC Canada
Hey Hey Hey Chris Thanks for the Feed Back. Always a little hesitant about putting out a Video but Take Risk and Take a Chance and Have Fun Look forward to Building a long Term Relationship with you. Your friend for life Juanita Waterman
Comment by chris yule
Thanks Juanita, Lets chat sometime soon. I like your style BIG TIME
Hi Chris, and welcome to BetterNetworker, many people find this site very useful. For me, I am always pleased to meet people with the same mindset! Many people in network marketing have lost money, and most people don’t make what they dream about. Have you ever wonder why one person succeeds and another fails in MLM? The reality is that 97% of those who start an MLM business will not succeed. The foundation for long-term success was missing. Build on solid ground - Read More All the best Søren Egstrup Copenhagen - Denmark
Hey Chris, I tried replying to your message but you need to go into edit my profile and allow privaste messages. There's lots to learn here! Easier to help if you post your phone number too. What is it you're doing or promoting. All the best, Adrian