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My children Andre and Stassi, my business, which mainly consists of work, play and teaching others how to merge the two, and snowboarding.

Same as above!

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I find that my own writing is the most interesting ;-)

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"When people can align their passion with their business model... That's when they win, every time."

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Mike Klingler

Facilitating Business Students, Teachers, Leaders, Coaches & Trainers
Company:  Marketing Merge, Inc (Renegade Professional, Coaching Cognition, RUToolz, School Of Online Business, Marketing Funnel Mastery)
Industry:  Education
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hi Mike, Just finished listening to your - Why Successful Marketer's Cash-Flow Is 10 to 100x What Your Funnel Could EVER Produce (And What You MUST Start Doing To Compete)Thank you so much for being so transparent, it was enlightening, and appreciated very much. Keep up the great work, and good to know there are people like yourself out there that will say it like it is. Cheers Dale.
Hey Mike, Just listened to your 'Shocking Truth' interview and really appreciated the information that you shared. It's really got me thinking about how I can combine my passion (music) with network marketing and the gears are already turning. You rock! I look forward to connecting with you more in the future.
Lu Pupko wrote
Hey, Mike. Thanks for adding me :) Looking forward to know you more and always open to learn from your words of wisdom.
Slavik G wrote
Hello Mike! I am honored to have this opportunity to connect with you """A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.""" Wishing you the best!
Just met you yesterday in the Traffic Formula lesson Looking forward to learning with you! Cheers
Hello Mike, This is a comment of your comment on Kaitlin's article, about the usefulness of automated recruiting systems. I completely agree with you, budding business owners need to learn how to build their own sales funnel. And at that point, let's take it one step further. The self-replicating system, where people are lured with the promise of easy business building, just to receive the tools to promote the system -- is not that what happens when we are leading with the business opportunity rather than with the products? Let's come back to where direct marketing and attraction marketing started, with marketing products and services.Marketing products and services is the basic purpose of every MLM home business, and the only source of business revenue. This is where all business training needs to start. Recruiting distributors is a second step, once you have a profitable business with a working sales funnel in place. Train your people to operate the funnel, and they have a chance at succeeding. If all we do is to give them sophisticated recruiting tools, and leave them with "make a list of 100 people" for selling their products, are we not creating a self-replicating system of recruiters learning how to recruit more recruiters? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Kai
Hi Mike, It still baffles me that I didn't follow you when I first got into this business. Ever since April 2, 2009 when I first got a taste of your amazing talents I finally have confidence. Thanks a million....James
Hi Mike, thank you for being a connection...been enjoying your informal "off the wall" videos in Marketing Merge. Thank you for working so hard, but not being "a dull boy".
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Hi Mike! Love to chat sometime ~ stop by anytime! You're a Rock Star! ~Sabrina Coffin 360-665-0183 anytime
Thank you for your informative videos and for accepting me as your friend. God Bless and I look forward to networking with you in the future.
Don Evans wrote
Hey Mike Great info your getting out here. thanks for that.
I'm assuming with the advent of the new paid portion of Betternetworker that signing up for FREE is not something we should be promoting anymore. Too bad. I've invited a lot of people to check out BN, some who just can't add another $10 to their budget right now. Will they in the future? Sure but some start with nothing and have to build that way. Hope your new venture is profitable. Joyce Penner
Hi Mike, I've been gone from Betternetworker for a while but it's a great place learn from people that know what they're doing. I'm really excited about all the new training going on at Renegade Pro and am ready to take it to another level. I wish nothing but the best to you and your team so have a fantastic year.
Mike - thank you for accepting my 'friend relationship'connection. I saw some of your work out there and am looking forward learning from you. Marianna
Dear Mr. Klingler, A few days ago, I challenged the video submitters to begin transcribing their videos for the hearing, soundcard, and download impaired. Do you need some help transcribing yours? Cheers!
Keith Aul wrote
Hey Mike, Thanks for pre-approving me to connect. Looks like you are a strong Leader. Hope to learn and apply what you know and contribute. Keith Aul
Hi Mike, thanks for adding me. Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. Looking forward to learning more from you. Cheers! ~ Richard
"(Gasp!) A level five guru! I've always thought it was a legend" I look forward to learning from you,and I'm honored to connect with someone with so much to share. Thanks for setting a great example, -Ken
Hi! I really appreciated your posts on lead capture pages. Being new to the industry means a big learning curve and its hard to know what to go with. My gut feeling concurs with your information but there's so much going against that. I am glad to have this affirmation. Blessings Amy
Comment by cosmochao
Hi Amy, your gut is right! Going against the grain pays in business. Stay away from the canned approach and you'll stand out!