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My name is Cyrilla Wall, I am married to the man of my dreams, the most caring and wonderful man who will do anything for me.....  I have 4 children Shawn 31 has three children Hope 4, Grace @ Jaden 2,  Crystal 22 attending college to be an RN, Steven 21 attending college for Carpentery, Ryan 14 in 9th grade and has been on the A honor roll since 7th grade.  My shining star!  I am so truly blessed! 

My love for God has given me strength I give everything to the Lord.  My family is very important to me.  I would do anything to make a difference in the lives of others.  I am a tornado survivor.  A tornado that took out the town...  It was my worst nightmare.  There in no doubt in my mind that our Lord and Savior has a purpose and plan for me

I am driven to be significant in the lives of those around me.  I am committed to helping people to own their life!  I will help enough people get what they want and I know the good Lord will give me everything!   I will be able to help my husband retire and have the freedom to be able to help my children whenever they need help.  This is just a piece of who I am.  I look forward to building a life long friendship with each of you!  I am here for you!  If there is one thing I can give you it is a free copy of an e-book that changed my life!  This book will give or enhance your degree in Network Marketing, and you'll never be the same! Enjoy!


Your friend for life,


Cyrilla Wall

(507) 227-2288 Call Anytime!

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Hello Cyrilla, sorry for not replying when you first connected with me.. but I did not know how and plus.. I was not very active at that time.. now I got back into it and hope I can continue and of course succeed in noble intentions that I have to assist others succeed in their field of interest. From your profile, I can see that I have a lot to learn.. but hey, learning is growing so let's learn together.. Hope all this find you and your family doing well in every way.' regards,'nick c
HI Cyrilla... just stopping by to see how you are ... hope all is well .... have a great week. Agnes
Hey, I just read a post about reading that got me thinking, why not a book club here on BN? So, I just created a group and would love it if you'd join. Whoever opts in this week, we'll vote on a book for January - I'm thinking something short and sweet - and get started. We'll pick a book for February in the last week of January. These can be new or classic titles. The books are a catalyst for all of us to share ideas. Again, please join BetterNetworker Books, and post your book ideas on the group page. Thanks, Toña
Hey Thank you for welcoming me :D Cheers Crystal
Thanks Cyrilla for accepting my friend request. Am blessed meeting Christian servant leaders like you here in BN. God bless you always. Jose
Comment by Cyrilla Wall
Jose, Tahnk you for being my friend. Try to take a peek at may e-book it's awsome. God Bless! Cyrilla
Cyrilla thanks for the welcome hun. I will stay in touch with you. Again thanks
sam Sneed wrote
Dear Cyrilla Thanks for the warm and genuine welcome GOD BLESS YOU LOVE Best Regards Randy
Raw . wrote
Hello Cyrilla, Thanks for the warm welcome. I am definitely glad that I found this website. I have only been on for 1 day and am learning a lot. I am glad that this community is so nice and that there are plenty of people to help you out. I know that with effort and some help, I will be able to achieve my goals.
Cyrilla, Thanks so much for such a beautiful welcome. I am totally new to marketing but excited about learning all I can. I know that with the Lord's help we all shall succeed. Thanks again for the support and friendship. Chiffon Romans 8:28
hello Cyrilla thanks so much for the warm welcome im so glad to meet a person like you i just started network marketing and im so happy about the chances im getting with my company and im looking forward to just hopefully u teaching me what i need to now in order to be successful in this industry and feel free to call me when ever u like im 24/7 310 343 5589 thanks again
tania B wrote
Hi Cyrilla, Thank you so much for inviting me to your circle. Only just found this site, already love it! I cannot wait to read your blogs and learn...alos to meet like minded people is my priority..everybody has to start somewhere..getting there is the fun part! Hope I can share this everybody on here. Cheers! Tania
Thank you so much for your warm welcome to BN!! I'm looking forward to getting to know so many people on this site and learning and sharing so much. Linda
Hi Cyrilla, Thanks for the note... great positive attitude! Dr Deb ND
Comment by Cyrilla Wall
thank you, have a good evening. Cyrilla Wall
Hi Cyrilla, What a beautiful name. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the warm welcome. I appreciate all the greetings and look forward to finding out more about you. Thank you again for your warm wishes and I hope you are having a wonderful day! Best to you, Adrienne Smith
Thanks for the warm welcome. Its great to have a supportive community to learn from and do business with. Look forward to building great relationships and meeting successful people. Regards, Tuati Wooden [email protected]
Oh, its an ocean of friendship and love!!!!Hi,Cyrilla!
hi CYRILLA, Thanks for welcoming me into your network. It is truly most opportune that Emma Tiebens invited me to check out this cyber-community. And what a community! After barely a few hours, I noted e-mail notices of greetings posted in my guestbook and invitations to be included in their list of friends from members all over the planet. It is incredibly amazing! Interesting too about the auto-bio, I just have to decide whether to focus on the past or concentrate on my plans before I draft, polish and post as soon as I can. Your over 1,000 points for the GURU level in just 5 weeks is definitely awesome, from the starting level of 20 points. And your being a Tornado SURVIVOR is incredibly inspiring! I can only wish that your testimonial and those which similarly will be shared by other females of different races or nationalities in this community will serve as beacons of hope and inspiration among Filipinas, of all ages. You see, there are MILLIONS of FILIPINAS who are spread virtually all over the face of the planet, and facing different types of TORNADOES in their respective individual lives. Most, if not all of the Overseas FILIPINA Workers suffer extreme abuse, abominable humiliation and de-humanization from the cruel hands of foreign employers, just to earn better to support their families to survive here in the PHILIPPINES, one of the poorest Third World countries. Many of our Overseas FILIPINA Workers return, having lost their sanity and dignity, even physically dysfunctional, and worst of all, in a box only to be buried back here in their Homeland. Even this early, I'm inclined to believe that there are all kinds of great people here, like you. It's definitely intimidating considering that I am based in one of the poorest among Third World countries. From the looks of it, at the start I will be taking more rather than giving to most of the members of this community just like you, who are already in the "big league" since you are in one of the First World countries. Still, that may just what my role has to be: first, listen to everyone in this community just like you, who are willing to help each other to succeed and to fulfill whatever dreams and goals they may have, and then, to replicate this kind of community in the PHILIPPINES as a major support mechanism for the CULTURE CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM that I am pursuing for my Motherland and my People. It is consoling to know that there are people like you who you are willing to help other people become successful in business. My primary concern is in the area of marketing and sales, not limited to networking or multi-level marketing. I would like to help my co-Filipino Citizens, particularly those in the marginalized sectors of Philippines society, especially the single mothers, the widows, and the orphans, to get over the difficulties that they have regarding marketing and sales of any type of product or service. I will appreciate it very much if you will find it in your heart to help me become more effective in helping as many of my co-Filipino Citizens, with at least 50 MILLION wallowing in extreme poverty with hundreds of thousands literally dying slowly everyday, to get a "fighting chance", not only to survive on the face of the devastation that the global financial meltdown will inflict but to live decent lives and contribute to the progress of humankind on Planet Earth. I can only hope that I will be able to learn in the shortest time possible whatever you and others may be willing to share. I am looking for additional inputs that can change the way individual Filipinos do business and possibly, even change the way a Filipino lives his/her life. I can only hope that through this community, I will encounter concepts that will be applicable as well in one of the poorest among the Third World countries, where I am. Most gratefully, JM Nepomuceno "Building Bridges, Breaking Down Walls"
Hey nice to meet you :)
Fantastic, and thanks for the warm welcome. Having built a personal network of 358,000 men and women in 18 months, worldwide, I am excited by the chance of using this technology to be able to teach others how to do that, without worrying about whether or not they choose to do "business" with me. I'll check out the eBook soon. I likewise offer a ten-day condensed version of the weekend course I teach, available free at: Best to you - Gianmichael
Hello Cyrilla, Thank you for the worm Welcome and URL an information. I will look at it all. Have a Great Evening, I hope you have a wonderful Week. Helen