Leaders focus on activity/action rather than results. Great results WILL come from massive action in other words. via BetterNetworker


Marketing, computers, travel, photography, nature, hiking, martial arts, US Civil War history, etymology.

Favorite Authors:
William Shakespeare, W. Somerset Maugham

Favorite Quotes:
“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.” Rabindranath Tagore

David Allinson

Business and Marketing Coach
Company:  Allinson Master Marketing Inc.
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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After 20 months in the biz', I remain excited and VERY motivated, and I enjoy the success I've achieved here in the world of free enterprise. I am now a big proponent and follower of Attraction Marketing. I came to this industry from a technical-outside sales background, but am happy to report that I "fired my boss" for good! It took me almost 20-years to realize that I was "psychologically unemployable"!

I live on the "left coast" in beautiful Victoria, BC with my dear wife and dog. My hobbies (aka addictions) include making money and helping others do the same, nature appreciation and study, photography, travel, US Civil War History, hiking, NFL Football, and Hollywood movie trivia. In my youth, I was a student of the martial art of Judo and finished with a 'nidan' (2nd-degree black belt). I was a four-time Ontario provincial champion, and a Bronze medalist at the Canadian National Judo Championships in 1982.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you here!

David Allinson




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My Location:  Victoria, British Columbia

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Welcome to my BN profile!

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the Attraction Marketing concept (either if you are brand new to MLM/network marketing, or if you have been doing it for awhile!). I am not here to pitch my opportunity on you or spam your Inbox (suggest you do the same on this forum; just good etiquette).

You can call me with serious questions at (250) 391-1786 or e-mail me: performancedea@gmail.com, or visit my website: www.AttractionMarketingLeader.com


hit me up at annhester12@yahoo.com am Ann A lady from USA i have business proposal to discuss with you am not always online here annhester12@yahoo.com
Sorry to take so long to make contact. I am still trying to find my way around BN. Looking forward to getting to know you, David. Thanks too for all the expertise you shared with Natalie Stahl. Great stuff! Jerry
I'm asking all my better networker friends to take a look at my new website....http://mypeoplesearchusa.com
Hi David, thanks for the friendship connection. I only just opened my profile here earlier this week & I'm still finding my way round the site. Look forward to connecting further. Charlie
David, How are you?I hope everything is fine with you and I pray that you will have a success business. Your new associate of this network, Bonnio. 18/4/2009.
Ed Adams wrote
I have found a new passion here on BN. I have Twitter, Direct Matches, Facebook and other social marketing sites but this is where things are happening. You will get an idea about what I have done. If you take a look at my profile, you can see in my pictures some of the sites I have been to these past few years. Walt Disney used the blue castle (Burg Elles) for his castles. It is one of four castles that never had to be constructed. My goal now is looking to help in ways I hoped for when I got online. Edwardcadams
David, Thanks for connecting. Sounds like you have a beautiful family and live in a beautiful part of the world. I went there as a horticulture student a while back and loved it. Hey, I have something your wife is sure to love... Check out my site at http://www.scentsy.com/5806 to see the new wickless candle company that is sweeping the Nifty 50 and is sure to spread into Canada VERY soon. You'll love it! Great product, great company.
Alex R wrote
I'm proud to say that I'm unemployable myself! Thanks for the request. Don't be a stranger.
Hi David, Love your profile with the passion and humor mixed in together. Thanks for inviting me as a friend and i look forward to mutual sharing going forward. Leigh
Hi David, Thanks for your leadership and for taking the time to reach out and connect with me. I'm certainly glad to see there is someone else on the Internet that hates spam as much as I do. (Sometimes, I do wonder....) Anway, just wanted to drop by with a thank-you, and I'm looking forward to learning from you. Attraction marketing is absolutely fantastic, and I've enjoyed learning from Mike Dillard and Mark Weiser through their e-mails, courses, and tutorials. It's great that we have so many resources available to us when it comes to making our home business successful. Sincerely, Dan Macioce 661.361.5012
Hello again, David: I took a quick listen to your thoughts on Attraction Marketing and you have much to offer! Live with Passion! Linda.
Hello David: Thank-you for your friendship connection! So great to meet someone in BC! We are in Ontario and I absolutely love BC...have a son & daughter-in-law who live in North Van. Beautiful area. Look forward to chatting with you. Live with Passion! www.The540Plan.com/drlinda
Hi David, I’m was talking to a guy who downloaded the free e-book “Success In 10 Steps”. HIS ex spouse told him he probably was being a little unrealistic (not her exact words, but that’s the gist) pinning his future financial hopes on a company that promised him: - He wouldn’t have to work - it would all be done for him. - He wouldn’t have to actually deal with and recruit any yucky people – his group would be built automatically through “spillover.” - He wouldn’t have to sell – his people who spilled over would do that. - He could get rich just by clicking his mouse. And other than that, all he’d have to do is deposit the checks! Soren Egstrup
Good to see you here David! Thanks for your help and the introduction to Attraction Marketing. I look forward to growing the relationship. Have a successful day!
Hello David ... just stopping by to see how you are ... hope all is well .... have a great week. Agnes
David, Thanks for the connection! Looking forward to getting to know you. Hope much success to you and your family. See you at the top!!! Raymond
Hello David: This is Lawrence Bergfeld. Thanks for the friend request. Looking forward to chatting with you. Sincerely Lawrence Bergfeld
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Ron
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HI David, Thanks for the connection. Would you also like to connect on twitter at http://twitter.com/billbateswins