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My name is Damayanthi; I was born & educated in Sri Lanka. My husband (Sarath) and I decided to migrate to New Zealand due to personal reasons. In 1993, our dream became a realiy. My husband, I and our two young boys arrived in Auckland.

It wasn't easy to start with but we accepted whatever the jobs came our way to survive. Nearly after a year we were able to get into the corporate world. We settled into the new environment quite well & everything ticking along very well. In 1996 we had another lovely addition to our family, one more son.

We were doing quite well, we bought a house, and we were going away on holiday’s couple of times a year. We were climbing up the corporate ladder and things were quite comfortable based on our standards.

Couple of years later Sarath's Company was going through a corporate downsizing  and he thought that he was going to lose his job.

We got on the internet to look for another job for him when I came across the  "work from home" advertisement listed on a job site. I had a look, decided to get more information.

That was the beginning of my MLM business. I didn't have a clue what I got onto, but I followed religiously everything my upline taught me. I did quite well at  the beginning with his teachings & decided to quit my job. (Big Mistake!) At this point in time my business wasn't generating cash flow to match my pay, but I went ahead anyway as I could see the potential that I have.

I continue to do well for few more months, but something wasn't right because I was spending more money than I was earning. I still was listening to my upline telling me to advertise more, buy more leads, do more flyers ... & it is only a numbers game! Guess what no one was duplicating me.
Many good people signed up with me only to quit 3-6months down the road without making any money.

Well, I followed my upline and the system they had till I maxed out 3 credit cards and banks refusing to give any more loans against our house. 
Long story short I decided that I have to find away to turn this around. I searched... and... for sure I found.

I found Betternetworker, Magnetic sponsoring, Renegade Marketer, which allowed me to change my mindset & critically look at  the way I was doing my business. A whole new world opened for me with attraction marketing & funded proposal system. Business is  so much fun & challenging now. I get to network with so many great people & learn from them and share what I know.

My passion is to share my knowledge with others who are looking to start a new business or already struggling with what they are doing.

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My Location:  Auckland, New Zealand

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Damayanthi is a Business Coach, Online Marketer & a Full-Time mum from Auckland New Zealand.

After struggling over 4 years in MLM & accumulating a huge Credit Card debt, she decided look beyond what was taught by her well meaning upline. She found her answer through "Funded Sponsoring Proposal" taught by Mike Dillard in his Magnetic Sponsoring & Ann Sieg in The Renegade Network Marketer.

She teachers business owners, MLM & Affiliate Marketers how to build their business on a shoe string budget.

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