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Dania Dery

* Healthy & Wealthy * = Work at Home !!
Company:  Drink with: Fucoidan extract of LIMU seaweeds
Industry:  Writing and Editing
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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I am Biologist, Translator & Reiki Master-Teacher.  I like to do some Internet Marketing specially about Health & Wellness, Travel, e-books, etc...

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My Location:  Montreal, Quebec

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Hello, Dania! Welcome to this site! My wife has fibromyalgia as well. While I can't empathize--I can certainly sympathize! I'm glad to hear that things have stabiled for you--trying times, I know! Wishing you the best--I look forward to learning from and networking with you. Please let me know if I can assist you in any way! Lahai
Comment by dania12
Dear Lahai: Thank you to be my friend !! Glad to meet you here & for sure will be in contact... i did surf your page & sites!
Hello Dania, Great to meet you, $orry to hear about your illness, and hope your doing well. Just joined this last month so not much in it yet, but in time, my business is keeping me juming, it doing great,and I love it! visit my blogs for up-dates on income! To your $uccess! $helly
Comment by dania12
Glad to read you & Get Friends together ...will like lot to share with you! Welcome!
Hello Dania, Since we are talking names... Dania is the name of a city in Florida where I lost my first $1 on a real estate deal. But I won't hold that against you Dania :-). Nice to read you here too! I have family in Canada. Congratulations on your new soon to be addition in February!! Malika
Thank you for your friendship. Welcome to the community. It looks as though you have a lot to offer. Contact me if I can help you. LIVE YOUR DREAMS...along the way help another find theirs. From The heart Elwood
Dania, I feel your pain the Dr.s are still trying to determine if I have Fibromyalgia or rheumtoid arthritist. I was a nail tech for 9 years and totally loved it, it was so much fun to work and talk allll day long, I was sad I had to quit my hands just couldn't take it anymore.Luckily I was doing a home business on the side so that is helping. Are you taking anything for your Fibromyalgia?
Comment by dania12
Yes, acetaminophen 500mg by 3 hrs if more pain anti-inflammatory Diclofenac + LIMU drink, Krilloil, Mail me*ok