I really think I covered many of my interests in my Biography, but I also love to spend time in the bush and by the ocean, travelling around the countryside and now spending time with our grandchildren is very special. I love listening to music and watching a good movie with my wife. Spending time with family is special too, but I consider my family now includes hundreds of fantastic people I have met online from all over the world. Three such people have become very close and special to me and also partners in various online business pursuits.

OK, well I have definitely covered this area in the biography and interests sections so I will not take you there again.

David Smith

Platinum Team Leader
Primary Company:  Strong Future International Marketing Group
Company 2: LLC
Company 3:  Infinity Downline
Other Company:  SFI Team Coop
Industry:  Affiliate Marketing
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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I was born in Adelaide, South Australia. I left school early because I knew even at the tender age of 14 that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. After many failed attempts at working for others I launched my first attempts in business at 17 and was successful. At 18 I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and He has had much to do with my success in business over the years. I have often prayed for the guidance needed before commencing in a particular business. I knew this would always be the way for me. Over the years I came across MLMs and tried my fair share with some success but not that much. More recently I sold a tree removal business due to a serious shoulder injury which was to become a turning point in my life.

My beautiful wife and I decided it was wise for me to stop climbing trees with only one good arm, sell the business to my leading hand and do some travelling around Australia. We did that for a year and thoroughly enjoyed it too, but after only a few weeks I discovered I needed more stimulation. Running your own businesses tends to keep you busy for 80 hours a week or more and you do get used to it.

I found myself looking around online to see if I could maybe start a business there. What a journey I was about to take... Some serious prayer and I began to find my way.

After several months and years of what I call serving my apprenticeship I now am very happy creating what I believe to be superior membership sites. These are in the form of text ad exchanges for advertising and I have one for building downlines in several programs that is proving to be a hit with members.

I love what I do and am very passionate about it. No surprise at all to find me sitting in front of my computer until 2am some nights chatting to a member on Skype while trying to help them out with something.

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My Location:  Harvey, Western Australia

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