Scrapbooking, camping, Hiking, Traveling, Scuba Diving, Family BBQ's.

For alI out fun, I'm a scrapbook designer. My work has been featured in books, product packaging, QVC covers, TV shows, conventions, idea pamphlets. I authored a book and hands on training for foster parents and social workers on how to make scrapbooks for these children.

Favorite Authors:
John C. Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker.

Debbie Turner

Company:  Enagic USA, Inc.
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Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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About Me

I'm a high achiever and when I set my mind to something, I work at it until I conquer it.  I've very driven and determined.  I'm not one to settle for average or struggle. I totally believe everyone has greatness within themselves and should strive for the best life each of us can live, touching others in a meaningful way along the journey.

As I was growing up, Mom and Dad never talked about me working or going to college. I was raised in old school ways (be a homemaker and mother, have a dog and a white picket fence) and was taught to cook, clean house, sew, take care of kids, the whole nine yards. 

However, I found myself graduated from high school and no husband in the wings.  It hadn't turned out the way I was told it would and boy, did I need a job!  I hired on a receptionist at an appliance store.

Kids Rock! 

After I married, we had two children (boys) and had tons of fun with all the little league and soccer, collecting baseball cards, all the boy stuff.

For 15 years, I enjoyed being a foster parent. Out of that, came the adoption of my beautiful daughter.

Time for Pursuing My Hobby

When I was just 11 years old, I took an interest in making my own scrapbook.  Today, it remains a passion of mine.  I love both the creative aspect as well as preserving our family memories. 

My hobby and passion has opened many unexpected doors through the years.  I was invited to be on the design teams. My work has been published in hardback books, on the cover of QVC, product packaging, idea pamphlets, in-store billboards at Michael's Crafts others and I've been invited as a television guest on craft shows. 

As a foster parent, I received children into my home with nothing but the clothes on their back (sometimes a garbage bag filled with whatever possessions they had), no sense of belonging and very low self esteem. My greatest joy was making a "lifebook" (scrapbook) for every child that passed through my home.

I authored a book and live hands-on training for social workers and foster parents called 'Loving Through Lifebooks" which provides instructions on how to make these special books. I taught this at state and national conventions.

A Foster Sister to Over 400 Kids

Speaking of fostering, I've had the honor of being a big foster sister to over 400 kids!  My parents, Mike and Bonnie Wilcome, have been foster parents to over 400 children. My parents are amazing... just amazing... and my best friends.

My Parents are my Best Friends

My Mom and Dad are my very best friends & there's nothing I wouldn't do for them.  Every day with them is precious. I don't want to live such a busy life that I turn around one day to discover they're gone and have regrets about spending time with them in their retirement years. 

My Career Background

I was a legal secretary for 6 years to prominent Las Vegas attorneys and a family court judge. I found myself at the top of my pay scale and realized if I wanted more financial and time freedom, I would need to find another career.

I went back to school and became a Realtor.  I did that for 13 years and enjoyed the fruits of my labor until the end of 2007 when the market took a nose dive. I recognized I needed to change careers again but this time opted for a home based business where I could trade my business suit for shorts and t-shirts and throwing away my alarm clock.

Failing Forward - Expensive Learning Curve

I was totally gullible and bought into a home business opportunity with an automated system (pie in the sky - just turn it on) that I believed would take me to the moon.  However, as it turned out, about 9 months into it and $35k later, I realized I had chosen not only the wrong mentor but in reality, there was no product or company to speak of. 

Instead of falling apart, I looked at this as an expensive learning curve and set out to make better decisions this time. 

My Road To Success

And that's what I did. I reached out to mentors who exposed me to attraction marketing, who showed me how to be a leader, who helped me think about what I really wanted to do and to systems that could help me get there.

I Love Being A Confident Entrepreneur

That was back in 2007 and 2008 and today, while I've had life happen, my business path is strong. As a baby boomer, I don't have to wonder how to support myself the rest of my life. I got this one! :)

Throwing Away My Alarm Clock

What a great feeling to get to the point where you can do this!  When I was able to cashflow in my business, I retired my alarm clock.  I really do go to bed when I'm tired and get up when I'm done sleeping.  I never knew such freedom in this.

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Hi Debbie! How are you doing? Great to meet you here on Better Networker! It's all about helping others and this certainly is the place to do it! Stop by sometime and let me know how you are doing. Take care my friend ~ Sabrina Coffin 360-665-0183 anytime
Hi Debbie Tell me what you think about this I know you are busy and I appreciate your thoughts. It is in pre-launch Thanks Ronnie Bivens
Debbie, You obviously know your stuff and have an honest, authentic work & play ethic. I look forward to what you have to say!
Keith Aul wrote
Hi Debbie, Thanks for pre-approving me and connecting. Looking forward to sharing ideas in the future Have a great day!! Keith Aul
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Kelly Cockerham Http://
Hi debbie. Thanks for taking the time to tell your story, it's great. I look forward to reading and commenting on your content. All the best, Ken
Hi Debbie... You read this long guestbook :-) Amazing!! Well, I'm a fan of your articles (as you'd have seen from my comments) and have been trying to write to you. BN says I "cannot contact Debbie Turner". Guess it has something to do with your settings. Could you write in?
Hi Debbie Thanks for letting me connect with you. What a wonderful bio! And foster sister to 400 kids - incredible. We're just looking at adoption ourselves, as Tracy, my fantastic wife, has had a terrible time with endometriosis. Exciting times ahead! Looking forward to connecting more on BN! Have a great week! Cheers Martin
Hey Debbie, Thanks for the love :-). Did I tell you about the private *spam/pitch free* forums I created for renegades to come and ask questions and help each other? Let me know in PM if you want the details. Malika
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Ron
Hi Debbie, Thanks for commenting on my page. I love to share common interest. I do love teaching piano and Kindermusik to my daughter. My husband preaches at Hardies Chapel church of Christ. We do not have a piano in our service. It has been a fulfilling work and continue always to work hard. Please do keep me updated on your latest. Alecia
I remember the first time we met very well! It was my first time to "represent" Mike, and I was so afraid you'd be disappointed you were hearing from me and not him! But you were so gracious and so excited and I could tell right away you were a the kind of person who took action. It's very energizing to be around people like that so I knew I would enjoy getting to know you better - I do and I have! I would love to hear more about all you are up to -- I love the way you put your training to work to help others. And your video on your site by the lake captured the exact "this is just between you and me" kind of intimacy I try to teach my clients. For me, it's the simple, honest videos that have the most impact.
Comment by debbieturner
Thanks Barbara for such a nice compliment
Debbie, I loved reading your story -- thank you SO much for sharing. I've been on your websites, and I like the way you outline exactly the kind of support your business partners can expect from you - that's a lot better then the thrice weekly rah rah meetings my first mlm mentors offered me! The answer to everything? Go out and get more names! Aaargh! I'm so glad things are changing in the industry -- finally! Barbara
WOW! Debbie, Your About me is awesome gurl!! Thanks for your comment in the forum about the guru levels being the small stuff... your so right. Happy New Year! Malika
Hi Debbie Great post and congrats on your 160+ WP sign-ups and yes, we will see in time and the more I hear with some very respected people, sounds like it could be a great move and the tools in one location~~that is enough to help anyone in business. Thanks! Tina Gonda
Hi Debbie, Thanks for visiting my profile and signing my guestbook. I am grateful for your kind words and that we can be friends here at the Better Networker. I love this place. Stay in touch, because networking is a "contact" sport! Blessings, Judy
Hi Debbie! You asked me about which sport I coach. I coach volleyball and cherish the relationships I build with each group of girls. I've coached middle school & high school volleyball for 12 years. I've enjoyed reading your bio and comments from fellow BN's. You are a warm and inviting woman that God is and will continue to use greatly! :) Wishing you 2009 to be a year that takes your breathe away! Cathy Buchanan (AKA Coach Cathy)
Comment by debbieturner
12 years, wow! You've watched these girls grow up before your eyes! Volleyball . . . hadn't crossed my mind, I'm glad I asked.
Hi Deb. Just a great bio. It saems you are following your dreams, one steo at time Very tageted. Hopefully we can work together on the marketing side of the equation. Ther3we are several brekthrough solutions that are dsigned for both thr MLM and B2B sectors. Ina down economy,the need for better communication Thechnologies. My group snd I will be all to glad to show you the roped. Best whishess always. Tom SAVAS, Gain Consultint Group.LLC.
Comment by debbieturner
Thanks for connecting Tom, I'll spend time at your profile :)
Debbie, Can't believe you were asking about the profile contest (unless it was because you felt you were gonna win!) since your profile is wonderful! Thanks for the gift of an inside look at what makes you tic. I feel honored. Cenay'
Hi Debbie, How cool is this? I just played the DK Surgery on Debbie Turner video & lo & behold, I then find your post in here (where I find it very hard to navigate)! Well done. I was wondering how long it would take you to "get it"& apply the solutions DK suggested. Have you noticed how people are "buying you" & it's exactly as DK said...who cares what you're selling..."I'll have what she's having, so to speak"! Best Wishes to you too.... PS...oh, by the way, I don't know if you re-played the video yourself...but listen to the tone of your voice change dramatically & take on authority when you spoke about scrapbooking? Again, I noticed the pace change on your bio page here. I was reading the bio, simply to see how you applied the changes suggested by DK & then the whole pace & tempo changed when you got onto scrapbooking! I agree with DK, go get that subject on video & put it out there girl, you have a real pure gift! Share it Mary