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Primary Company:  Zoe Lifestyles
Company 2:  AdzZoo
Company 3:  Accentz
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Industry:  Education
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Ive been blogging since 2001, and like most copywriters, I offer a blog-creation and development service to my clients.
I love BL Ochmans Dear NBC Your Ad on My Blog Stinks: Lets Fix It:

Dear NBC Please dont get me wrong: I love you for advertising on my blog. But I want you to get results so youll keep coming back, and this ad sucks.

In my copywriting course, I suggest to students that they do something similar: rewrite material which obviously isnt working, and offer it as a free sample of your skills.

It works. Copywriters are always amazed when they realize that most of the world has no idea of what a copywriter actually does, and how a copywriter can help a business.

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My Location:  London, United Kingdom

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