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Primary Company:  Nu Skin Enterprises
Other Company:  White Tiger Group
Industry:  Business Opportunities
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Dorina Lanza has been a professional in the network marketing industry since 1993 and has risen to the top of three different network marketing companies. She continues to receive residual income from each.

In 1996 Ms. Lanza achieved the rank of Blue Diamond Executive with NuSkin, their top pay level and a rank which she still holds, where she built an international organization of over 10,000 distributors, primarily in the far east. She has helped dozens of people generate 5-figure incomes and hundreds generate 4-figure incomes. Ms. Lanza has traveled regularly to Korea, Thailand, Europe and within the US and Puerto Rico to assist in training and recruiting for her group.

Ms. Lanza has also developed an organization of approximately 20,000 members in the US and Canada with Trivita, a US-based nutritional company that uses an infomercial model to fuel much of its growth. She has numerous people who are still earning substantial incomes [4 and 5 figures] for their efforts.

As a distributor for Fuel Freedom International [now Forever Freedom International] Ms. Lanza earned the top rank of Platinum distributor. Her biggest groups are in the US, Canada, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Ms. Lanza was featured in the December 2006 issue of Success from Home magazine. She has been a keynote speaker for both network marketing and corporate events.

In addition to being a leading distributor, Ms. Lanza has served on the advisory board for NuSkin. 

Ms. Lanza and her team have also developed compensation plan simulation programs for numerous network marketing companies [not the simplistic spreadsheet approaches used by most companies and industry "consultants", but actual simulation software].  These simulations allow the company to model and conduct sensitivity analyses of their distributor growth and income patterns under any set of scenarios specified.  The team can develop the scenarios under any distributor behavior [statistical] and compensation plan parameters specified.  As is often the case, Ms.Lanza and her team will undertake to develop the scenarios and design a compensation plan that will support the client's growth and profitability projections.

Prior to becoming a full time professional network marketer, Ms. Lanza had over twenty years of broad business experience with special competence in Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Development. In her career as an M&A professional as a Vice President at Ross Crossland Weston [now Mirus], Ms. Lanza was instrumental in completing domestic and international business transactions in industries including Semiconductor, Medical, Luxury Goods, and Light Manufacturing. At the time she was Series 7 licensed.

As a senior management consultant with Arthur D. Little and later as an independent, she specialized in Strategy Development and Implementation for domestic and international clients. During this period she successfully led teams to position and grow start-up companies, turn around companies with ailing market share, and position subsidiaries for divestiture. She has completed strategic projects in a variety of industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Defense, Automotive, Semiconductor, Telecommunications, and Software.

Before entering the business world, Ms. Lanza was an aeronautical engineer at Draper Lab [MIT] where she did and published original work in the field of gravity gradiometry and its application to improving the accuracy of inertial navigation systems. Her primary focus was simulation of the Advanced Air Launched Cruise Missle. She published in peer reviewed  industry publications and presented at the symposia. Prior to that she was a medical physicist in the Radiation Oncology Department at Rhode Island Hospital where she did and published peer reviewed original work in 3-D treatment planning and developing a simulation model for electron beam dose distribution in inhomogeneous media for cancer treatment applications. In her capacity as a medical physicist, she was also on the faculty of the Brown Medical School.

Aside from her business and technical strengths she has become known for her ability to create a compelling vision that breaks new ground, her ability to communicate that strategic vision and be a role model for energizing others to work towards that vision. She leads by example, having inspired teams ranging from very small to very large. Ms. Lanza is also in demand as a keynote speaker at business conferences. She is bilingual in Italian and English and has a working knowledge of French and Spanish.

Additional Professional Activities
Adjunct Faculty, Northeastern University, 1973 to 1993
Mathematics Department: taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Calculus and Differential Equations
School of Business: taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Statistics and Mathematical Modeling and simulation for Business.

MBA, Strategic Planning and International Business, 1981, Northeastern University
Honored with membership in Beta Gamma Sigma

PhD Candidate, 1976, Northeastern University
Completed course work for a PhD in Applied Mathematics [Fluid Mechanics and Partial Differential Equations]

MS, Mathematics, 1975, Northeastern University

BA, Mathematics with Honor, 1973, Northeastern University

Founding President and Chairman of the Board, Beta Gamma Sigma, Boston, 2000 to present
Beta Gamma Sigma is an international scholastic honor society founded to recognize and encourage scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies.

Ms. Lanza is a Certified Pistol Instructor, Tactical Range Officer, Ski Instructor, and Pyrotechnician. She is also a sailor having sailed in the IOD World Championships.

Ms. Lanza is known as an art collector in Boston and is active in the international art scene. She has lent a number of her pieces to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, DeCordova Museum and other museums. Many are still on exhibit. She is also a collector of gems, jewelry and silver and was a silver and goldsmith. Her pieces and designs have been featured in numerous galleries.

When they immigrated to the US as scientists in the 1950's Ms. Lanza's parents left her as an infant in Italy in the care of her maternal grandparents. [Dr. Lanza was invited by Harvard to be the Chief Theoretician for the Harvard Cyclotron. Her mother and father were granted visas but hers was declined.]. After numerous legal machinations at the highest levels, Ms. Lanza was eventually granted a visa and later immigrated to the US.

Once in the US, Ms. Lanza learned English [and French and Spanish], with Italian as her native language, and assimilated into the Boston area American culture.

Ms. Lanza is married and has a daughter who has recently graduated from Syracuse University in the Computer Engineering.

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Hello Dorina, Thanks for connecting with me here on betternetworker. I look forward to networking with you. Tosin
Hi Dorina. I am pleased to see you making a return to BN. I am loving your refreshingly sane posts :)
Comment by dorina
Thanks Dean! :-)
Hi Dorina, I'm new to the Better Networker and I saw your comment in the thread about people who don't get it. I like that you said drip on them. What I understood from your comment that you don't dismiss them but always keep them in the loop. I truly believe this to be true. So many dismiss people when they are not ready. Please accept my friend request. Appreciation from the Heart, Richard De Haven
Comment by dorina
Nice to meet you, Richard!
Hey Dorina, great to connect with you here on BetterNetworkder. Congrats for your magnificient success with NuSkin. Looking forward to getting to know you better!
Comment by dorina
Nice to meet you, Anderson!
Thank you so much Dorina for adding me as a connection on BN. WOW, read your very impressive list and I love how you have been diversifying because I am doing the same thing. I am part of Bill Andersons group and also in TriVita with Bryan Wirth. You are truly an inspiration and I love the enthusiasm that comes across. To continued success in 2009~~Tina Gonda
Dorina, *long in the tooth"? I doubt that very much. Experienced, perhaps. Building online is a little different than building face-to-face, but not harder. There is some great info in the forums about how to get started, and I am sure you also got MLM Traffic Formula (if not, consider it). Mike teaches the concepts of Branding You, Inc. in that course and gives a lot of great info on how to get started. I teach the mechanics of those concepts on my Video blog. I invite you over to check it out. Don't worry, there are no pitches or *biz-opts* on that site, it's all content. Let me know if I can help in any way. Cenay'
Comment by dorina
Thanks! I do have [and have read/listened to] MLM TF and the rest. I will check out your video blog! D.
Dorina, that's quite an impressive *resume* you have there. I am certain you will be of enormous help to so many here in the community. I look forward to hearing more about your story. Cenay'
Hi Dorina, I invite you to enter into an exchange of ideas with me without the introduction opportunities, just discussions of concepts and philosophies from which the seeds of all success come. Whether you are extremely successful, not realizing the promises made, or just starting into network marketing an exchange of ideas and principals would surely be rewarding to all involved. From the Heart Elwood Mentoring For Free http://www.mlmdoctor.INFO
Rocket Scientists RULE! Now we're chaning the world through this industry! :-) Thanks, Dorina! Jerry Chen
Why hellooo there Dorina! Let's kick butt on eh? :) Raymond Fong
Dorina, Hope you had a Terrific Weekend! Jim