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I am Dr. Linda and having been in both the Health and Financial Wellness for a number of years; an awareness of the Health DEBT and Financial DEBT indicates a time of EPIDEMIC.

Jim Rohn says, that we can have anything we want by helping others get everything they want.  

We have a community to build.

I look forward to making new friends with all of you!


Your Friend & MLM Partner,

Dr. Linda.

Call:  705-732-1558

E-mail:  drlinda@AbundanceIs.com




If you are looking for a home with a leader & team to help you reach your dreams; I do have a few positions with volume available for the Qualified Person. 

Talk soon.




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Hi, I am really impressed with your profile and what you are doing. I am not sure if I am doing this properly, but I have had some great success with my current program and I have been able to generate a consistent income in the past 2 months. If you take a look on my profile you will see the program that has literally set me and my familiy Free. I hope that we might be able to Network our Opportunities Together in the Future here. I Really Beleive that We are Meant to Work Together. Diane Titlowe
Hi Dr.Linda, It is so good to meet you and I look forward to learning from you here.Yes,I've been involved in working in health care as an R.N.for more than a few years! I'm relatively new at this site and hope to explore new avenues of growth. Thanks, Michelle