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Spending Time With My Family & my son, Traveling, Hanging out, BBQ's, Camping & Canoeing, Playing Basketball, Watching Sports, Building My Business, Helping Others Build Their Business

Favorite Authors:
Mike Dillard, Napolean Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, David Bach

Favorite Quotes:
"Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success."

Eric Burnett

MLM & Internet Marketing Extraordinaire
Company:  Empower Network, LLC
Industry:  Affiliate Marketing
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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If you’re on this page, you’ve probably been searching around through my posts reading my thoughts on various companies, opportunities, systems, and strategies – and you’ve finally reached a MOMENT where you asked the question – WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY?

Hey there! Thank you for dropping by my page and finding out more about me… so who am I right? First of all, I’m from sunny Miami, Florida but right now I'm living in a beautiful suburban city in the middle of the united states Olathe, Kansas.

I was brought up in a single parent household where my dad was the sole provider for me and my 3 siblings and lifewasn't easy but we managed to pull through all the rough & difficult times... and HERE I AM!

I first got into this industry when I realized that I could not depend on my $10 per hour job to give me & my son the life that I wanted to provide for him and retire with, and I just knew that I had to do it myself! The only person who ever controls your destiny and your life is yourself… if you are never going to act on changing your circumstances, you will be where you’ve always been!

Through my years of network marketing and personal develoment, my life has made a 360 degree change for the better. I look at things in a whole different perceptive, I now choose to control my own life and my destiny, I've learnt to not let obstacles and hurdles hold me back and now I live a more happier life. With these newfound life changes, I believe that I can make a change in someone else's live everyday & help them make a 360 degree change in their life by sharing what I've learned in my years of study.

I'm not going to sit hear and tell you that I know everything cause I really don't, but I'm willing to share my Knowledge to help the next person succeed. A GOOD student is someone who takes what they LEARNED and uses it to their advantage. A GREAT student is someone who is able to take what they have LEARNED and TEACH the next person. The only way to learn is by applying what you have been taught and sharing it.

For a long as I can remember I've been the biggest procrastinator, I loved to learn by I never finished anything I ever started. I know alot of you can relate and understand where I'm coming from on that. NOW I'm very dedicated to taking full action and I'm out to conquer my mission of changing at least 1 person's life EVERYDAY!!! I really hope I can be a MOTIVATIONAL & INSPIRATIONAL person to all of you and help give you that 360 degree flip in your life that you have been desperately been searching & waiting for.

Here on these pages your going to find everything that I'm so very passionate about and what I've learned in my years of study. To get you started on the right foot to SUCCESS here is the first thing that you need to change in your life to help you reach that 360 degree FLIP!!!

One of the key factors that will determine the success you have in any MLM network marketing business is your mindset. I see it all the time…some people succeed while others fail following the exact same system and training in the same company.

I have found that those people who are successful in our industry usually have a different mindset than those who are not. The successful network marketers have a strong belief and passion for what they do. This success mindset is focused on 3 main areas.

Belief in the MLM network marketing industry. Fact is, MLM works better today than it ever has thanks to the Internet. In MLM you can leverage the efforts of others. I know of no better way to build long-term residual income. In MLM, even an average person can earn a substantial income on a part-time basis.

Belief in their company. You must be 100% sold on your company, its products, and compensation plan. You must understand exactly where your company is in its growth curve and be your own best customer. You must be familiar with your company’s history, leadership, and future direction.

Belief in themselves. You must see yourself as a leader capable of and deserving to be successful. You must have a passion for what you do, be willing to invest in training and personal development, and be ready to step outside of your comfort zone to reach your goals.

To be a successful networker, you must have a positive attitude and surround yourself with positive, successful people. You need to have a strong reason why you are in an mlm business and take pleasure in seeing others succeed, too.

When you have the winning mindset, everything about your business becomes easier. You will work your business even on days when you don’t feel like it. Obstacles will become minor challenges. Goals will be easier to achieve.

Develop a strong belief in our industry, your company, and yourself and you can create a large increase in your success in MLM network marketing.


Enough said! I want you to tell me more about who you are since you’re visiting my page… obviously you have an interest in me, now it’s my turn to take an interest in YOU! :)


Add me on my social networks so that we can link up and learn more from one another! I look forward to chatting and seeing you soon.


To Your MLM Prosperity,

Eric Burnett

[email protected]
MLM Worldwide Takeover, LLC

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Hi! Thanks for connecting! Have a fantastic day! Mia
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