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Family fun, exercise, foodie, micro-brews.

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Eric Walker

Primary Company:  SendOutCards
Other Company:  Eric Walker Marketing LLC
Industry:  Education
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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I'm the in-house Social Marketing Manager for Ann Sieg's 80/20 Marketing Inc.

My responsibility is to build The Renegade Blog with great content, increase it's traffic and manage all of Ann's social media profile. My mission is to raise the value of 80/20 Marketing Inc's social media marketing and support them in building a more personalized, profitable social media strategy.

I consult with other "micro-businesses," network marketing teams and solo entrepreneurs on how to gain more value from their social media marketing efforts.

That's my job. That pays the bills, and keeps my wife home with my two children. My work in social media affords me to work from my lake house in a quiet rural town in my home state of Michigan.

I've also recently committed to a network marketing business - Numis. I'm taking all that I'm learning from Ann and company to build my own highly converting marketing funnels.

At my core, I'm a teacher. Before I undertook the Internet to make a living, I was a 4th and 5th grade public school teacher.

My feeling is that the best combination of freedom, money, meaning and value is given to teachers. We take the complexity of change, and communicate that into concrete action for you to thrive. This act raises our own value, and the value of everyone.

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My Location:  Delton, United States

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I'm here to genuinely connect with people and share my marketing knowledge. I'd like to connect with you, and hear your perspective on our industry.

Kent La wrote
Hi Eric, I was really motivated with your statement in Don's blog about "What is everyone on Better Networker looking for? Compared to your experience as a BN member, I am only just a beginner. I don't know who the leaders were before and who the leaders are now, but I definitely want to be a leader in this community. I love your game plan and your strategy. To focus on your core and never let it leave your sight. It'd be nice to have an opportunity for me to learn more about your strategies. Take it easy, Kent
Hello Eric I'm here to say Hi thank you for your friendship here hoping to get to know you better and working with you thanks Have a Great Live Steve Bruton Sr. (Charles)
Hi Eric, You are a great role model. What you have accomplished through the Renegade Professional is astounding. I truly enjoyed watching your sweethearts serenade to Mike recently. She has a wonderful talent. James
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Eric, How are you?I hope everything is fine with you and I pray that you will have a success business. Your new associate of this network, Bonnio. 18/4/2009.
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Kelly Cockerham Http://
Hi Eric, I'm tickled on a deep level to hear some teachers are thinking the same thing as the students! It's interesting to go back and walk through the process from the other side of the fence. Thanks for sharing your story. All the best, Ken
Comment by walkereri
The best teachers are always the best students.
I haven't saw you around in a while....what's been up? I guess it took a topic about Mike Dillard's PPC Domination to get you to show your face again ( And I thought I signed your guestbook before, apparently not...sorry. Anyway, I didn't want much. Just to tell you I missed your presence around here lately. Catch ya later. Mike
Comment by walkereri
I'm excited about PPC
Adam Ayer wrote
Eric, Happy New Year's to you as well! Wishing you a prosperous '09. By the way, I still owe you a phone call.
Comment by walkereri
The new year is going to be a BIG one.
Hello Eric, Just dropping by to wish you a meaningful Christmas. God bless. Jose
I'm just gonna call... that conversation would take forever though email back and forth! Malika
Hi Eric, wow. You sure have the points. You are really going a wonderful job of getting out there. I liked your atricle on lead capture pages. I havaen't made any yet and know I need to. Thanks for your comments on my Social Sites article. It does seem to be a hot topic. I'm more that happy to talk about the Life coaching with you. I did the course with a psychologist friend. I am not current on the various aspects of the many programs available. Give me a call and I'll answer any questions I can. Have a great weekend. Claire
Comment by walkereri
Hi Claire, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your willingness to talk to me about Life Coaching.
Hello Eric, Thank you so much for your helpful tips I really do apprecitate, there is always room for growth and I'm such a newbie I have a lot to learn but I'm definately willing to learn and also hope to make some good frienships on here. My daughter is 21 and wants to be a high school english teacher.Again thank you so much and I look forward to reading more of your post Natalie
Comment by walkereri
Hi Natalie, I know you'll do great. You're an eager learner, I can tell. Good for your daughter to want to be a teacher.
Hello Eric, Very interesting Bio. So you went from teaching kids to teaching bigger kids. LOL Well somethings never change!!! But look at the difference, with a bunch of 8th graders you hope to have an effect on their lives, and you most likely did. Now you can have an effect on a whole family's life and see teh fruits of your efforts. On behalf of my group aloow me to say welcome aboard. We change peoples lives on a wholesale level. we would like to connect with you in a more effective way than just "Friendas" on BN, so feel free to contact me or any of the members of our group. Best wishes always. Tom Savas
Comment by walkereri
Hey Tom, I love your "Fatal Attraction Marketing" and "Electro-Magnetic Sponsoring" line. That's great!
Liz Monte wrote
Eric, Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your contributions to the Better Networker community. I always relish reading your insightful posts. Liz
Comment by walkereri
Thanks Liz
Hi Eric, It is no wonder Kaitlin fell for your magnetic charms. I appreciate your honest contributions to the community. You have branded yourself well ! All the best, Dean.
Comment by walkereri
Thanks Dean.
Eric thanks for sharing your "long story" in the thread started by Mike "Should She Build a List Before Building Her MLM". You are indeed a great teacher! Unlike many here who keep on trying to sell the traditional way (same old mindset in spite of the developments in the internet), you actually teach and that sells! Thanks for sharing the real stuff, the real hard (and smart) work it takes and the realistic income one can expect. Am wondering how many of the sponsors here can share the same way you do. That is simply contrary to how they have been trained (and perhaps even nature). I can identify with you on how you felt about old school. Just by attending their Business Opportunity Meetings gives you the surreal feeling! Where my friends and I came from, we never do those kinds of things. We simply find the old school strange. No wonder many of my friends reject network marketing. They throw the baby with the bath water though. But am glad we now have "Attraction Marketing". I can now have something new to offer to my friends which they will appreciate and come to enjoy... Jose
Comment by walkereri
Cool Jose, thanks for saying you think I'm a great teacher.
Go a head and try to pick my brain clean Eric... I gotta lotta stuff now and I add daily ;-). Just wait til you see what I'm about to do! Thanks for the props in the forums, you gave some awesome tips. You are a great leader and your team is fortunate to have you as their guide! Malika
Comment by walkereri
I'm learning from you Malika. I like the way you roll.
Adam Ayer wrote
Greetings Eric. Thanks for the invite. I look forward to following your posts and chiming in when I can.
Comment by walkereri
You seem like you're on the "up and up." Keep growing and keep after it. I look forward to you being a part of the scene.
Hi Eric, I am excited about all the opportunities the net has to offer and am lloking forward to partnering with people who are like-minded like you. Great to hegar from you.
Comment by walkereri
Great Thatayaone, I think there will be some opportunities for us to do that.