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Malcolm Gladwell, Mike Dillard, Richard Rodriguez, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Neil Strauss, Steven Pressfield

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"If you only do what I tell you to do, you will NOT be successful" -Ferny Ceballos

Ferny Ceballos

Primary Company:  Numis Network
Other Company:  Attraction Marketing Formula, LLC.
Industry:  Consulting
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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How an MIT Graduate Went from a Dead-End Aerospace Job to Financial Freedom Using Better Networker...

These past couple of years been an awesome ride.  Within 8 months of joining this community, I was able to quit my corporate job of 5 years.  This community is by and large the reason why my friend, Raymond, and I are financially independent and are now working as business partners, on a number of projects with Mike Dillard and other top industry leaders.

If this kid from East L.A. can work hard all his life to get the best technical education in the world, then completely turn his back on it to find success in this industry, then you can turn away from your job as well and join those of us who have managed to find freedom (not without a lot of hard work and many failures first).

It is my intention to bring you the very best I know on how to properly use this community of entrepreneurs to grow your home based business.  So just stick around, add me as a friend, join my groups and prepare for a wild ride!

My current projects include:

Coffee House Letter -

MLM Lead Systems

Google AdWords Tutorials -

Martial Arts Styles -

My Martial Art School in Los Angeles - (Hwa Rang Do)

If you've made it this far, I'm humbled and honored. Feel free to drop me a line. My email is [email protected] or you can ring me up at (323) 205-6317. My personal assistant will transfer you to my cell, if I'm not tied up.

I do ask that you clearly know what you want to ask or need help with.  If you'd like to know more about my business opportunity, you can read the Coffee House Letter for more details on my views on MLM, the company I represent and my sponsor, Mike Dillard.  

I only sponsor 2-3 people per month, yet make a full-time income from network marketing alone.  This is ideal as it allows me to provide my team members the personal coaching and training they need, and frees up my time for many other profitable ventures.  An application is required to join my team and receive personal coaching.

If you'd like to learn more about how to rank your websites on Google, visit SEO Networker or if you'd like some free training in Attraction Marketing (How to generate leads online) go to 

If you are interested in one-on-one personal coaching, you can visit for more details.

Peace Out,


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Ferny (aka: Fernando Ceballos the 1st), works way too hard for his money...

Certified SEO God and All Round Nice Guy by susan coils

I don't think anyone needs reminding about Ferny's prowess with SEO. But this guy is not only an SEO God.

Extremely relatable by Sandeep Nath

Ferny is a great example of the E-quadrant to B-quadrant transition. Having been a rocket scientist, he's a rocket himself now in every area of his passion...

The Don Of Seo... by Adam Taha

So you want to learn from SEO and no crap? I mean, really want to learn, apply and know that if you follow each step, you're going to get result?

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hit me up at [email protected] am Ann A lady from USA i have business proposal to discuss with you am not always online here [email protected]
Great article on us thanking Mike Dillard by posting only valuable content here at BetterNetworker. Your ideas are inspirational, and I will try to deliver to the level you've obtained.
Hi Ferny, Thank you for connecting with me as a friend. I really enjoy all of the valuable information you share with us fellow marketers I appreciate your contribution to our community and I look forward to anything you do in the future Wishing you all the success, Jeff Faldalen
Hi Ferny, I was just checking out some responses and found your answer to a question about submitting duplicate content. Great answer to what I was looking for. Just thought I would mention it. Thanks and hope you have a great week! Rick
Slavik G wrote
Hello Ferny! I am honored to have this opportunity to connect with you """A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.""" Wishing you the best!
Hi Ferny, I enjoyed meeting you at the WMI & CCP Marketing Event! I look forward to getting to know you better here at Betternetworker. Thanks for the trainings in SEO! Doris Hullett
Hi Ferny, I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for accepting me as a friend and thanks for all that you do for the community, SEO Networker Mastermind Group is awesome. It is a pleasure to learn from such pros as you and Raymond.
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Thanks for adding me to your connections list. I'm new to this site and to Internet marketing in general, but have already learned some stuff from your postings. Thanks again, and have a great evening. judy
HI! I just thought I would pop in and say Hello! HI! Hope you are having a great day, full of sunshine and sparkly stuff :)
Hey ferny Can you plz help me by telling that how can i post on betternetworker so that every one can see and comment? if groups or post on opportunity then how do people know that i hv posted opportunity.. Thank you Irfan Hashmi
Hello Ferny, Just finished reading "More Friends, More Money -- The Definitive Guide To Social Media Marketing" for the 5th time now. This is exactly the information I had been looking for. When I purchase Magnetic Sponsoring and joined "Better Networker" I realized that I needed more information on how to market myself in the Social Media Market. Your contribution to "More Friends, More Money" is nothing less than brilliant.If you are ever in the area of 453 S Broadway, Salina Kansas please drop by, lunch is on me. It would be my honor to be your friend. Ed Hopkins Jr
Comment by Ferny Ceballos
Awesome, Ed. So glad you found the value you were looking for. Everything in that guide is very real and true.
Hey Ferny. I've seen you all over the web (and my inbox), and it's good to see you here. Glad I was directed to this site - looks like a great community. Enjoying the excellent content as well ... see you around.
Comment by Ferny Ceballos
Awesome, Scott. Thank you for stopping by. ;-)
Did you pass the Black Belt tests this month? I'll be in LA soon for Eben's Guru thing and I'll give you a buzz to see if you're around. Later! -Tiemen
Cool Martial arts video. I had never heard of that style. I like the take downs. Kevin
Ferny - thank you for accepting my 'friend relationship'connection. I read some of your posts and articles and I am looking forward learning from you. Marianna
Thanks Ferny for the vote of confidence. I honestly believe I have found the place I want to lay my foundation. I'm not sure I've ever felt this type of passion with any business venture before. I am definitely ready to rock and roll. You and Raymond are absolutely awesome. The training is state of the art as far as I'm concerned. It is awesome training for a visual person like myself.
FERNIEEEEEEEE... that Hochman Chick just keeps saying great things about you.. are you paying you are something.. hats of to you! :)
Comment by Ferny Ceballos
All reports of me paying off Diane Hochman are all lies and false propoganda!
Hey Ferny.....we are neighbors....... How weird is that? jk. I'm well aware of your roots. Keep up the amazing value you provide to others.... Take it easy....... "Huntington Park"
Thank you for accepting my request !