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Idea-Plan-Action What do you want to accomplish? My experience is in working with Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Developers & Individuals. What are You developing today? Need help?

My primary business is providing consulting services to real estate developers and the professionals they work with. My database of resources allow my clients to same time and money. I have worked with Individuals, Architects, Engineers and Contractors since 1976. During that time, I have worked my way up from being a boy-friday to production, operations, sales, contract administration, middle management, top management, to being on the Board of Directors of several corporations, in addition to owning my own business. I have a natural talent for organization. And advise my clients in reducing their costs through time proven methods in scheduling, making sure all costs are included in written estimates, timely responses to requests for quotes, and other factors that make a difference when calculating the bottom line and the bottom dollar. Some people just need a pat on the back to reassure them that they are doing a good job. Others need a bit more than that. In addition, I find that the sales and marketing methods used by contractors, architects and engineers are not always the most effective for those very talented people. I look at what my client is currently doing and advise them as to how they could change their processes to make their business more successful. By the way... I refuse to work with anyone who expects me to agree with them just because they are paying my rates.  Too many marketers will agree with you while they take your hard earned money.  I find that attitude to be a waste of your money and my time.  When you want an honest opinion from someone who treats you as a Client instead of a Customer... just ask... I am and will always be Frank. - Girard Frank Bolton, IIIl.

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