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Primary Company:  Empower Network, LLC
Company 2:  eXfuze
Other Company:  DIR Marketing International
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hello, and thanks for stopping by.


Discovery Is The Fuel Of Competative Advantage!

Luck is when preperation meets opportunity! I truly feel blessed  because the harderI work, the luckier I get! Now thanks to Magnetic Sponsoring and the MLM Traffic formula, we are growing a world wide business! Truly, we are now working smarter and are very well prepared!

Because we love helping many people, we now spend our time in recruiting, and inspiring motivated people for our ever expanding International Marketing and Distribution Company.

We believe that the most powerful way to reach the Consumer is by word of mouth advertising, and have become consumate Networkers. This is one of the many reason we love the new Magnetic Sponsoring Format. 


We also believe in the 3 Foot Rule: both physically ever expanding our warm market, because a stranger is just a friend that you haven't me yet. But now more than ever, we love using what we learned in the Magnetic Sponsoring Book and in the MLM Traffic Formula, about Internet Matketing. When ever you are online, you are only 3 feet away from millions of prospects. The Key is to learn how to Attract Then To You!  


Now, about me: 

I am passionate about nutrition, as I was overweight and had bad allergies. My knees were shot from football and by 45 I was no longer active..Then I met a man who changed my life! Perhaps you know him, Dr Earl Mindell, the world famous author of the Vitamin Bible, and he suggested a few things to me, and now I am like a new person!

Four years ago, he introduced Himalayan Goji Juice to the world, and it even got better!

Sounder sleep, remembering dreams, improved eyesight, better allergy control, elevated mood,and abundant energy.

Now I'me back jogging 5 miles  and feel like I'me in my 30's! At 59 I truly feel blessed!

Our mission is "to serve each other by promoting good health, well being, and the opportunity for an abundant life" bringing the Himalayan Health Secret to the world!

Did you know that in some remote places in this world, a life expectancy of more than 100 years is not uncommon?

Research has shown that many of the world's longest living people consume regular daily helpings of a tiny red fruit that may just be the world's most
powerful anti-aging food — the goji berry.

FreeLife™ is the first company to perfect a difficult and demanding proprietary extraction process and create the only standardized form of this incredible plant available in the world today:


Always nice to meet a Fellow Networker!

Best Wishes for Continued Success and Abundant Health!

Bob Spiro
Northbridge, MA
508 981 9404

Providing The Best Industry Training                                                           And Business Building Tools

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Hello bob and welcome to betternetworker thanks for being my friend there is a lot people here to help and support you so look around and also i offer a free ebook on my profile click on the first website link to check it out.Thanks have a great day and keep in touch!
Hello Bob, And welcome, Interesting BIO and congrats. on building your business. The word of mouth Ad is a fact! according to the AD council, 40%+ of all "Attributed" sales are now, from word of mouth. Good call on your part. Our Group takes that to a even higher level. Especially if you are going global. That sort of violates the 3 foot rule by a few inches, LOL!! So how do you keep it personal, around the Globe, SHHH! We do it daily, but we do Not post it on the web, or BN, for all to see. The only thing we say is the Dept. of Education, "Has found our techniques to be 500% more effective than the other systems currently being used!", and those tools are soon to be considered as Old School as the beeper /pager!! LOL! call me or contact me on the Q T and I will share with you!! Tom Savas, Dir. Gain Consulting Group, LLC.
Hi Bob, thanks for accepting the friend invitation. I'm always looking to meet interesting and motivated people. If you're looking for some great free attraction marketing training that takes you step by step and click by click through the process have a look at: All the best, Adrian
Hello Excited to join your list of friends..I truly appreciate your time..
Hi Bob, It’s Great to be meeting like minded people here on BN! I love this community with so many Great people like you. I am constantly learning and sharing what I’ve learned to help each other along the way. I look forward to chatting with you and sharing tips and ideas. "You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end." - Sidney A. Friedman Wishing you a Life Filled with Joy, Marcello Lisi "Live your Dreams and Enjoy Life"
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Hi Bob, I am always looking to network with like-minded people here. If you have any questions regarding how to use Attraction Marketing, I'd be glad to help. Kind regards, David Allinson,
Hello, I want to introduce my company is one of its kind. This product is the WORLD's FIRST super-fruit, sea-vegetable, antioxidant and fruit concentrate chewable supplement. This product is truly a wonder. It is not considered a MLM, but a NCM( National Co-Op Marketing). Visit the website to find out more information.;;
FREE LEAD PROGRAM I help people adopt a healthy and fit life style. We been providing comprehensive in home health and fitness solutions for over 10 years. It has been shown that having a personal support (coaching) system significantly increases the success rate of those learning to change lifelong habits.
Hey Bob, To start our new friendship right…… I want to give you (anyone) my prospecting manual, "Over 250 Ways to Find New Prospects," ~ FREE. Hope to hear back from you soon. Nick Hetcher (Website Audio Sells More 4U) (My Zany Newscasts for Networkers)
Zeb Olsen wrote
Glad to be friends, my friend :) I want to personally invite you to join a group I started called "Millionaires in Motion" I believe that you can be an invaluable contributor to the group, and the content you'll find there will be nothing but High Level MLM training, strategy, and tactics. Thanks Again for being my friend. Kind Regards, Zeb Olsen "Helping The Best, Get BETTER"
Hello Bob How ARE YOU Doing
Comment by gojiking
awesome thanks! on my way to play tennis in e hampton ny