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Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Video Marketing, Web2.0, Business, Leadership Development, Human Behaviour & Psychology, Personal Development, Social Media, Money and showing others how to make it, Hypnosis and Teaching and training serious networkers how to achieve in this industry so they can be at home with their families and create the lifestyle they desire.

Investing, Reading, Learning, Jet-Skiing (fast), Cooking, Eating out, Sharing Knowledge, Travelling, Golf, Fishing, Scuba Diving, Practical Jokes, Collecting Sporting Memorabilia, Art and Attending Seminars and spending time with the best friends the industry has to offer, while meeting exciting and intriguing new people everyday.

Favorite Authors:
Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Napolean Hill, Dale Carnegie, Mark Joyner, Robert Cialdini, Joel Bauer, Grant Cardone, Anthony Robbins, Ron Heagy, Noah Kerner, Howard Shultz, Joe Vitale, Joe Sugarman, Robert Collier, Sydney Harris, Kevin Hogan, Kathleen Taylor, Ayn Rand.

Favorite Quotes:
“Life is an equal opportunity for unequal people” – Graham J O’Connor “If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got” – Tony Robbins “Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention” - Jim Rohn “Make measurable progress in reasonable time” - Jim Rohn “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success” - Dale Carnegie “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but rising every time we fall” - Confucious

Graham J OConnor

Business Owner & Entrepreneur
Primary Company:  Isagenix Corporation
Other Company:  Anacott Investments
Industry:  Internet
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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“If I hadn’t seen such riches I could live with being poor”

In my case I had from an early age and I wanted those riches. I also knew that to attain those riches I was going to have to leverage my time or my money. As I didn’t have any money, I was only left with one choice and that meant starting my own business. Here is my journey to date.

I was born in the UK in 1964 and had a sister who had been born a year earlier. My parents were working class and showed no entrepreneurial desires whatsoever. Like most of the parents in my neighbourhood they were concerned with working in a steady job and keeping their heads above water. We always had food on the table; an annual family holiday and a car on finance. What we didn’t have was our own home, savings or investments; however there was a lot of love and life was not that bad.

This changed when I was around 10 years old and my sister tragically died from a lung disease. It was a very depressing time and one that had deep repercussions for the years that lay ahead. My parents eventually separated and I lived with my mother until I left home for university at 18. 

Looking back now I can see that these events had a huge impact in my life one of them being that as we all have a limited time on this earth I wanted to make the most of that time doing the things I wanted to do and not what I had to do, in other words I wanted financial freedom more than ever.

When I was about 12 years old I discovered that I had a talent for racquet sports and began playing squash at a local Country Club which gave me free membership. It was here that I “saw the riches” that I referred to in the title. I progressed up the ranks and represented my county at junior level. I played against adults at the club who would come and pick me up in their expensive cars and drop me back home. I also became friends with the owner’s daughter and we went to some amazing parties that were held by her friends. I remember one in particular. As we arrived at this great big house in the countryside there was a helicopter parked on the lawn and a fleet of cars parked in front of the house. That was it for me; I decided from that point on that I wanted those things too.

I was never going to make a living playing squash professionally because I wasn’t good enough so I made the decision to knuckle down at school and go to University.

I left school with good grades and then went on to a college of further education to study Engineering and Computer science. I had a part-time job and for once in my life I had some working capital. I used this capital to organize parties and then sell tickets around the college. This was great because I got to go to lots of parties and was also making a profit at the same time. This has always been a principal of mine “let’s work hard and make some money but let’s also have fun doing it”. After all if it’s not fun then it can be boring and if it’s boring you are less likely to put the required effort in.

After graduating from college I went to University where I attained a B.A. in Computer Studies. I started my first job when I was 21 for a small computing firm in London. It was a good place to work but there was never enough of my salary left, if any, at the end of each month. I had to do something else!

It was at this point in my life that I got introduced to Network Marketing although at the time I didn’t realize it. My best friend at the time, and still is now, had just taken out a life assurance policy with a company who were looking to recruit new staff and he had put my name forward as a referral. I duly got the call and went up to see them. They explained that the position was commission only but as I built my client base and began recruiting my own team I could then earn commission on their sales and so on and so forth, sound familiar? They painted a very rosy picture and I went for it. It was just what I was looking for; I could build my business within their business.

After 3 hard years of “cold calling” and rejection I had only managed 2 promotions and was still 2 away from being able to recruit a team. I also learned that the “dream” I had been sold was not what it seemed, so I decided to quit.

I was now 27, and for the next 8 years I had a string of sales jobs that all left disappointed. I was good at selling but I didn’t want to be a salesman all my life, I wanted to employ salesmen and women. There was one particular sales position I had selling kitchens. I did the one week training course with the company and then they let us loose on the public. In my first weekend I sold 4 installations from 6 appointments and was the top sales person in my class. The company treated its sales staff very poorly and I quit after 6 weeks, btw I never received a penny in commission.

I married in 1994 to Sara, who I am still married to and love dearly, she is my rock and I couldn’t have achieved anything without her support.

In 2001 Sara and I migrated from the UK to New Zealand. I wanted to start my own online business in the field of options trading which is something I have a lot of experience in both personally and professionally. I did research and came to the conclusion that I should provide an options investment newsletter for a subscription fee.

I wrote a 130 page eBook, set up my website and did PPC advertising. The hours were a killer as I had to be online during the NYSE trading hours which translated into working 1:30am through to 8:00am in New Zealand.

I worked 18 hours a day, trading in the wee small hours and doing administrative stuff during the daytime. Within 12 months I was earning a very decent 6 figure income, so the hard work seemed worthwhile.

In 2006 we moved to Perth, Western Australia and things were still very good. Then in 2008 I hit a roadblock in the shape of the Global Financial crisis. Over the next few months my subscriber base, and therefore my income, declined at a steady pace to eventually end up at 25% of the original amount. Obviously my income declined in proportion to this.

I knew I had to something, but first I wanted to lose some weight and get fitter for the challenges that lay ahead. I had become a bit of a “fat cat” and as my occupation was sedentary I was way out of condition.

This is the point where I discovered Isagenix via a friend on Facebook. I hooked up with a local distributor and my MLM journey had begun. Initially I only wanted the products but the lure of residual income appealed to me as this is what I had built up with my existing business. I had a successful background in sales and thought that the opportunity was a doddle, how wrong I was!!

I very quickly realized that sales and marketing are two totally different beasts and I knew nothing about marketing, let alone internet marketing. So, I decided to learn and went to all the team meetings and training programs but became disillusioned with the traditional methods they used as I wanted to use the internet.

I was also lied to by my upline. They had initially told me they had gone from zero to hero in 10 months just by talking to friends and relatives and that the products “virtually sell themselves”. What they failed to tell me but I subsequently found out is that they had been involved with various MLM companies going back many years. This lost them all credibility with me, so I shelved the meetings and decided to do my own research. I continued to use the products but did not do any marketing.

This brings me to where I am now. Over the last 18 months I have researched all aspects of internet marketing but just didn’t know how to put it all together or in which order. I decided I needed to ask for help and partnered with an experienced network marketer that guided me through the process and how it worked. This personal input helped me tremendously and I could finally see how and why it worked. This personal connection helped me:

  • Stay Motivated
  • Keep focused
  • Share ideas
  • Exchange success stories

And above all was a true friend in every sense of the word.

The lessons I have learned; the process that I have followed and the experts I have teamed up with have given me the following benefits:

  • I have more friends
  • I have more income
  • I get to travel more
  • I spend more time with my wife (when I’m not playing golf or on my jet-ski)
  • Allowed my wife to give up her job and return to college to study Art

I am now in a position to help other networkers on the internet by passing on everything I have learned along the way.

So, is there something you could use help with?

If there is I would love to hear from you, I get great satisfaction from seeing others develop, knowing that I have had some influence on their success. I do not take any responsibility for their success and I do not take any responsibility for their failures which is why I am selective with whom I work with on my personal team.

With that said, let's stay in touch! I would love the opportunity to chat with you, so leave me a comment, send me a message, add me to Skype, or simply pick up the phone and call me! I’m really looking forward to knowing you better!

Best Regards


Graham J O’Connor

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