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Most anything outdoors, a hike, a nap. Live music, fun girls.. Old trucks, roadtrips, pizza.

I love to ski, sing a song @ open mic. Smoke a little weed, Taco's, tell a tall tale or two...

Favorite Authors:
Dr. Seuss, Hemingway, Robert Allen - I'm in several of his books, Jonah Lehrer, Mike Lupica ;{)

Favorite Quotes:
"My sisters are my favorite people on earth." "It ain't bragging if you really done it." "My favorite thing is a steering wheel. My favorite animal is steak."

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Bruce Fanning

Owner | Inspector
Company:  Hands On Home Inspections Of Colorado Springs & Pueblo Colorado.
Industry:  Real Estate Real Estate
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Born in NY. Past 40 years in Colorado. I own Hands On Home Inspections Of Colorado Springs & Pueblo Colorado.

I'd be happy to answer any Home Maintenance, Home Inspection and/or Home Repair type questions.
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I also dabble in Cool Stuff for Websites like Widgets, Code & Content Wizards, Text Graphic Tools and the like.
There's a Directory of Free Tutorials and Unique Content, Images, and Code Snippets for any and all sites business or personal.
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