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Films and Filmmaking, screenwriting, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Classical, Hip Hop,Adult Contemporary, Aw Hell... All Music, Woody Allen flicks, Spike Lee flicks, beautiful women, exotic luxury cars, impropmptu traveling, sick gear (clothes), Helping people Become what they were put on this earth to become,teaching financial intelligence, Philosophy and Philosophers, reading, writing,Donating My Time and Money to People and Causes that Actually Help...

Writing, Teaching, Helping others, Watching Films incessantly, Making Money While I Sleep and Especially while I Play, Bicycling (okay, riding my bike), Activities with my wife that cannot be detailed here...

Favorite Authors:
James Baldwin, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Donald Goines,Mike Dillard,

Favorite Quotes:
"Fortune Favors The Bold." , "Carpe' Diem!" , "We Don't Care Who Likes It Or Not, As Long As We Know It's The Truth." - Malcolm X ,

Harkon Ajala

Founder/Chief Visionary Officer
Company 2:  Empower Network, LLC
Company:  Enlightened Wealth Revolution
Industry:  Training and Development
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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As maverick CVO of the red hot, bleeding edge "Project: F-U Money" Team, and the voice behind its Blog's burgeoning worldwide following, Harkon Ajala aka 'The BadBoy Genius' does one thing better than anyone else: show sophisticated, intelligent, upscale entrepreneurs how to build a High Income, ENLIGHTENED online business empire in today's "Chaos Age"... "Cringe Free"

i.e.: without having to do ANYTHING that makes you cringe from embarrasment, or feel like a sleezy, used car saleman or zombie cult member. Sign up HERE to experience Harkon's One of a Kind, future-forward, 10 Day "Choas Age Wealth Secrets Crash Course" For FREE and get to watch his new, controversial, unrated "magic video" that caused a top earning, network marketing leader to physically attack him earlier this year; "The Gamechanger."

Harkon is an active, if renegade, entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and author of the controversial, bestselling personal finance book "Don't Die At Wal-Mart!," as well as the popular "Free Lead Domination Formula Mastery Course".

Given his nickname because of his confrontational, mischevious speaking and training style and his rumored 170+ I.Q. (which he readily credits with helping him to go bankrupt, have 3 homes foreclosed on, and end up managing at McDonalds by age 27 before getting dumb... and wealthy) Harkon is no longer accepting new members into his personal networking organization at the present time, but recently returned to mentoring and teaching entrepreneurs after a 1 year vacation and personal tutelage with a famous, high level mentor from outside the business industry, whom he refuses to name.  

For the very brave with a burning desire to get RICH in the online and offline home business jungle, come join a community of like minded, high income networking entrepreneurs who are outside-the-box FREE THINKERS, get access to the fascinating inside of Harkon's head, and hear his completely uncensored thoughts in video and audio on the unadulterated, "100% B.S. Free" truths of the Network Marketing/MLM & Direct Sales home business industry by visiting his Facebook Fan Page here and pressing "LIKE".

Be warned though, it is NOT for the squeamish. 

As always...  Live Luxe Or Die baby!

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My Location:  Carmel/Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

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Harkon, Thanks for adding me to your circle of contacts. Have a GREAT day, Warren
Comment by HarkonAjala
My pleasure Warren. I like your style!
Thanks for accepting, I have read some of your blogs, good stuff, have a lot more to read - keep up the great work.
I've starting reading your work. Brilliant writing. I love it, and agree with most of your points.