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The thing about the woman in this urban agglomeration is that she doesn’t care about haters. From the minute she steps out her front door, she owns the results of her city ensemble precisely created to struct the busy streets of New York City.

During New York’s 2014 Fashion Week, powered by Myntra, some elected grunge or basic styles. Then there were those who mixed it up. For example, pops of color; such as red, have become common. Fall colors are in rare form, front and center.

Cambray Chic, checks, off-shoulder solids, pleated mini skirts, stripes, geometrics, curve hugging jeans, chunky sweaters and funky patterns. You will see them all on the fashion scene in New York, also available on Myntra at discounted price. Dip dyed dresses; which are different from the tie dyed t-shirts, also adorn many ladies. Metallics seem to crop up from time-to-time.

With every kind of shoe, and all types of legwear, women in this most populous city are living their fashion fantasies every day. While they may be turning others’ heads, they don’t bother to turn their own heads to look whose mouth is dropped open or whose finger is pointing. Let’s Chat Fashion Diva’s!

FashionTV is the first and elitist global media vehicle to follow fashion happenings season by season. Everything that happens in the world of fashion, happens on FTV, also online at Myntra. This January this world of international glamour and lifestyle is coming to Lahore. Fashion District Week will be the first and the largest international fashion event in the history of Pakistan so brace yourselves for a weekend of cut throat fashion and pulsating beats.

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