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"All Things Bright And Beautiful, All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Wise and Wonderful; The Lord God Made Them All." I love romantic meanderings: Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, History, Music, Science, and just about everything else except War.

Since I am retired from public employment, I spend most of my time at home. It is mostly from the bedroom to the computers. Occasionally I take the grand boys to school and go to visit their schools. I am very business getting my online business advanced so that I can have money to travel; then I shall get out more. I am planning to get involved in real estate investing and building a land based success networking group.

Favorite Authors:
Moses, St Paul, St Peter and other writers of the Old and New Testiments, Dr. Martin Luthor King,John M Johnson, Booker T Washington,

Favorite Quotes:
"We Shall Overcome," "I am sombody," I think I can," "I believe," "I Believe, Help Thou my unbelief," "You never will know until you try!" "Never give up never, never, never!" "Winners Never Quit," "Lord plant my feet on higher ground!"

PerryJ GibsonSr

Affiliate Marketer
Company:  Prosperity Marketing System
Industry:  Affiliate Marketing
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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About Me

I am Perry J Gibson, Sr.

I am living in Chicago Illinois.  I have been a Chicago Resident since December 1958. 

I have been involved in internet marketing almost eight years.

I have invested much money and time in learning how to succeed at Internet Marketing.  I now have the Keys To Online Marketing Super Success; and, I am aggressively applying my  my time to using and sharing them. 

I have learned that the very first key is to know exactly what it is that I want to accomplish. 

The second key is to be able to in focus on learning from persons who are being successful at being what I want to be, and who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with me.  I have also learned that I must be willing and able to share what I have learned and what I learn with others who are coming after me. 

I have learned to exercise total faith and commitment.  I know for sure "There Ain't No Free Lunch."

I have chosen to focus on Multi Level Marketing as my primary online business occupation. 

I love MLM because it gives me opportunity and to develop my personal skills and to employ them to the fullest. 

Being successful at MLM requires me to Write, Teach, Mentor, Coach, Inspire, and empower members of my Virtual Families to be and do better than they ever imagined they could or would be able to be and to do also!

Better Networker is, in my opion, one of the most efficient and friendliest environments for Online Marketers to meet and exchange ideas and insights. I have joined several other online business and social networks but the Better Networker evnironment is just what I need and I am inviting all of my virtual family members to visit Better Networker and become familiar with what is offered here.

The value of communication must never be under estimated.  It is impossible to be successful at network marketing if you can't communicate with excellence and grace, and most of all with caring consideration. 

I am an MLM net worker. My greatest skills are communicative skills. I see, I listen, I hear, I learn, I analyze, I choose, I perform; and above all I share!  I am constantly seeking to improve upon the skills in myself and in my virtual families.

My favorite MLM Opportunity is GDI - Global Domains International.

I use the Free Spider Web System to promote my GDI Business

I am always reminded of this: 

It’s All About Time, and Making Each Moment Count For Achieving My Goals!
                                                                                                              Hyperlink to Ecclesiastes 3:1


My Favorite Links:

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   Website URL4:     http://www.bbpmarketing.com/mydlc.html?41004

   Website URL5:     http://internetonesystem.com/h/12285/


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Guestbook Entries

Hi! I am Perry Gibson Sr. 

I am a Networker.  I specialize in Multi-Level Marketing Online. I enjoy sharing and exchanging value through Communication. I am certain you shall receive a blessing in your visit here, and I hope you will also pass it on!

hit me up at annhesterr@yahoo.com am Ann A lady from USA i have business proposal to discuss with you am not always online here
Yu Tamura wrote
Hi Perry, thanks for the friend request and just wanted to stop by to show big love and real respect from City of Tokyo, Japan!!! If you can introduce me and help me out to make money on this networks, please help me out. Since I'm ready to have my new family with my girlfriend, I really need money. Since I'm always on my computer I want to make benefits on my movements of my life time. please keep in touch and God Bless you always to your friends and your family, peace Tj
Hi Perry, thanks for the connection and I am really excited about learning and getting to know everyone here at BetterNetworker. Cheers, Patty
Hi Perry, It is nice to meet you. I am also from the Chicagoland area. I look forward to getting to know you better. Dawn http://www.freelanceadminsupport.com
Thanks for the WELCOME!! Thanks for the email... Have a fabulous New Year!!!!!!
Hi Perry Just a quick hello, If you like horses feel free to come and meet our wild mustangs. If you have any questions as you look around feel free to ask Your Friends Cynthia and James
Hey Thank you for welcoming me :D Cheers Crystal
Hi Perry Thanks for the welcome note. I'm new this site so i start reading all article in my home page to know this business, i'm really glad too that i meet new lots of friends here including you. I apreciate your concerned and looking forward to succed business and learn from you and other friends. Thank again for the warm welcome. God Bless Ranny
Eli Short wrote
Perry, Thanks for taking a look at iLearningGlobal. I think it is going to be the future in online learning. Kind of like a high quality, educational version of YouTube. I have a connection with the CEO and the global marketing director, so I know for a fact that they have huge plans for it. They are not officially launching until March of next year, so they are trying to get as many power marketers into the leadership roles as possible before then. If you read my profile you will see that I am not serial MLMer, but when I found out who was involved I knew I had to be a part of it and start spreading the word. I appreciate your candor and can tell you're not an average networker. I will be sure to remember you if I need any advice. Thanks for the info about the multi-media system. I actually already have a web/seo specialist on my team. So that allows us to design all our online media, do the optimization and lead generation in house. I will be sure and keep it in mind for anyone else on here that isn't as lucky as me though. :) Sincerely, Eli Short iLearningGlobal.tv
Perry, Thanks for accepting my friend invitation. Thanks too for your many valuable contributions to the BN community. Am blessed meeting like-minded Christians here. Continue to be a blessing to many here in BN. Jose
hello Perry, Thank you so much for entering my guest book a while back, I appologize for not getting back to you. but I am here now. I have made some super connetions on B/N some of which we share like Connie loeschen and Adrian Armstrong, both are really great. Could you please tell me about what you are involved in? Possibly we can work together on your project. Looking Forward to hearing from you, soon. Tom Savas
Hey Perry. Thanks for the welcome. I am looking forward to connecting with and learning from all of the grear people in this community. Thanks again and stay in touch Joe
Thank You Perry for the comment and connecting. I will stay in contact with you. I am enjoying the quality of people here at better networker. It certainly is better.
Hello Paul J. Gibson, Sr. Welcome to BN community. There is a wealth of information and group of talented individuals like yourself. I wish much you much success as you build your business here. I look forward to networking with you. Please add me as a friend. Have A Blessed Weekend, Janice
Hi Perry, Thank you for answering my friend request so quickly. I was impressed with your hyperlink in your signature. PTL! I knew I wanted to be your friend. I am just getting started here. Hope to be able to give back to the BN community as soon as I know what I am doing. I am currently going through the "Building On A Budget" course, so it may take a little while. I am looking forward to checking out your websites and getting that download you mentioned. Blessings, Teresa Baine
Hi Perry, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the warm welcome. I enjoy meeting people and finding out what others are interested in and what they are doing. I appreciate your comment and look forward to learning more about you. Thank you again for your warm wishes and I hope you are having a wonderful day! Best to you, Adrienne Smith www.adriennesmith.net
Hi Perry, Thanks for the warm welcome I am looking forward to work and learn, how to promote my Social Networking Business, Have a nice day. Annie
Thanks for the warm welcome. Its great to have a supportive community to learn from and do business with. Look forward to building great relationships and meeting successful people. Regards, Tuati Wooden www.MyFreedomTeachers.com twooden@comcast.net
Hi Perry, Thank you for the welcome - I really appreciate your taking the time. Look forward to networking with you. Sincerely, Lea Charlton PGH SEO