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I followed my parents advice of go to school, get a good education and get a good job. I went to university for 5 years and received my BA and a teaching certificate. I then was hired as an elementary school librarian.I left the good job because I was making more with more time off with a union job!

Even though I worked F/T I always owned my own business or so I thought until I read Robert Kiyosaki! I understood franchising and I thought if one business was good 2 would be better; what a nightmare! I began with Irene's Electrolysis Studio and was so successful I had to hire employees. I then expanded into esthetics and bought another shop. The worst thing I had to do was fire someone.
 I had  employees who would  build their clientele while I paid all the bills only to move out on their own and become my competition!
I have always liked helping people but not at my expense! The network marketing model of people helping people was a big draw. A true win/win.

Robert Kiyosaki teaches that you need to own your own business before diving into the "I" Quadrant. The private franchise model makes the most sense for most people. However there is one small glitch: finding the right people. Being able to offer information to people online that are looking for it is a dream come true!

I thoroughly ‘got’ the concept of network marketing and for the life of me could never figure out why everyone didn’t want to do it! I have managed to make a lot of friends through my NOs. I just naturally made friends with people and always had a reason to get back to them besides the business. However this has not been particularly lucrative!

Eventually it became clear that I would never build a business fast enough to keep up with the attrition rate offline. People were just not willing to do what I was willing to do; duplication was not happening. People were not willing to invest hours and hours into people for little or no return. I always had the big picture in my mind so I kept on keeping on despite the facts.

I can't tell you what a relief it was to discover Ann Sieg! She has saved me months if not years of frustration and disappointment. When I read The Renegade Marketer I knew I had found someone who had the solution. The amount of content Ann Sieg gives for free is overwhelming. Enter Mike Klingler. At Renegade University he teaches a simple step by step approach based on Ann Sieg's book. What I really love is we all work together even though we may be in different  companies.

If there is a 'catch' to network marketing it is the fact that this is something you have to do in addition to everything else you are doing. For years I have had to juggle being a wife to Victor (23 years on Aug.30th), a mother to Dylan who was 17 Dec.1st, a sister to Verna who has Downs Syndrome, is confined to a wheelchair and has early onset Alzheimers at 50; a brother Howard and his family, elderly parents(who are now passed away), own my own "S" quadrant business offline, and build my online "B" business with multiple streams of income.

I’m looking to help bring as many Moms(& Dads) home from work as I can. When my son was born my priorities changed and I sold my business. When I had to return to my F/T  production job when he was 9 months old my whole being was screaming NO!!! I don't know if it was because I was an older Mom or that I was only doing it once but I didn't want to miss out. Having found a workable solution I am passionate about bringing Moms & Dads home from work. I know very well what not to do and can therefore shorten the learning curve substantially for anyone that is serious about escaping the rat race.

I look forward to meeting you!

To your $uccess!

Irene Kirkman
contact me at [email protected]
or call me at 604-530-2719PST.


Irene Kirkman teaches newbie's internet network affiliate marketing (INA for short) so you can learn to generate your own leads on a budget and attract your prospects to you. I am the smiling face, the personal touch to help you individually set up your own Internet Marketing. The one thing the Renegade system can't do is connect directly with people by phone and offer a word of encouragement. Yes we all want to be connected directly to Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler but if we want a system that gives us time freedom we need to allow the system to give Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler time freedom. We are the system. The "B" Quadrant is the "We" Quadrant. To plug into step by step training with Irene go to or email me at: [email protected] or call 604.530.2719 PST.

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Hi Irene, I'm early anticipating Ann Sieg's new program. You'll do promise to let me know when it's released, won't you? Thanks a million! _______ How do small businesses become Empires? Mark Joyner reveals all in his new Free Book at
Hi Irene Welcome! It's nice to meet you. Happy Holidays! Danielle
Welcome Irene! I know you will find great friends and great information to take with you as you build! I have been pleased to be a part of this community. All the best! Alicia Bozza Bizzy Mom 7
Hi Irene Welcome! I am also new here, but we know each other well! Isn't this fun! Tania
Hi Irene I saw that you were also new to BNW and wanted to take a moment and extend my hand in friendship. I thought you looked kind of familiar but then I saw you were from Canada so I guess we probably haven't met! I agree with David – I hope you put something about yourself in your profile so we can get to know you better. If I can ever be a resource for you, please don't hesitate to contact me. To Your Success! Susan MacQuarrie [email protected]
Comment by Irene Kirkman
Thanks Susan. I only just got back to this site after listening to Robert Kiyosaki yesterday!
Hi Irene, Welcome to Better Networker...I recommend you take a few minutes to set up your profile bio and let us know more about you, and you should also post/browse in the forums section! I look forward to sharing with you here... -- Dedicated to your success, David Allinson Online business and lifestyle coach [email protected]
Comment by Irene Kirkman
Thanks for the welcome and the advice!
Welcome, Irene! I just wanted to wish you welcome to our Magnetic Sponsoring / Better Networker Community! I’m sure you’re going to love it -- as we all do! I’ve been a member for a while and I can honestly tell you this is one of the BEST places for networking I’ve come across. The fact that Mike & Co JUST gave the site a complete makeover is also super-exciting…doesn’t the site look great? If there’s anything I can help you with, let me know! Enjoy the site, and happy marketing! Lena PS: Are you using MySpace yet to network for your business? It’s a GREAT place to make contacts and meet serious entrepreneurs, and get lots of FREE leads for your biz! (If you have a profile there already, be sure to add me as a friend: See you there!
Comment by Irene Kirkman
Thanks Lena! There are so many things to do and places to go that I only just got back here!