My interests are wide and varied. They range from conspiracy theories and the Illuminati to old Hollywood movies, from the silent era straight through to 1950. After that, there have been about 10 good movies, in my opinion! Also anything that I mentioned as being in my blog represents my interests, including Agatha Christie, culture, religion and politics. I am also interested in internet marketing, being self-published, and taking over the world.

I love to listen to music and read. I love old movies.

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Hi, my name is Jaclyn. I'm a social critic and author. I write in my blog about a number of issues: the Illuminati, conspiracy theories, my Christian faith, religion, politics, Libertarianism, entertainment, especially Agatha Christie's books and classic Hollywood movies. I'm also interested in cultures worldwide, and I often compare one culture with another. I write a lot about Islam and the Middle East.

I started my own website and blog, because I am interested in being independent. That applies to visiting naturopaths instead of doctors, self-publishing, and thinking for myself and not trusting everything the media tells me.

I've also written two books. He Talks To Me, Too is based on my true story of how I left the Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, because they were teaching false doctrine to me, and made up new rules for me as an individual because of discrimination. I have nothing against organized religion and I believe strongly in God. I just went a different way.

My other book, Melisande's Lingerie Closet, is a political satire and romance. A conservative financier falls in love with a liberal Hollywood actress, and tricks her into making a liberal movie so that she stops humiliating herself with her lack of knowledge about politics, and life in general.

I also on the side help students with getting better grades. I especially tutor international students, with help with common errors they make, how to craft very professional sentences, how to send emails, and tips for studying. For English-speaking students, I offer help with library research, how to write papers from start to finish, and also tips for studying for midterms/exams.

My goals are to become a bestselling author of both fiction and nonfiction, and for brand recognition of my blog.

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