One of my favorite hobbies is racing formula race cars.

picking gravel from in between my tire treads...

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Napoleon Hill

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"Life is too short and too wonderful to waste time doing things you really don't want to be doing." - Bruce Isaacs

James Martinez

Marketing Mastermind Since 1989 & Founding Member Empower Network
Company:  Empower Network
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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How A Struggling MLM Rep Went From Chasing Friends & Family To Building A 5-Figure Per Month Business Online...

James Martinez "Direct Marketing Mastermind Since 1989" and Founding Member of the new "Traffic Getting System" The Empower Network and previously a Master Marketer with Top direct marketing companies like MLM Lead System Pro, Carbon Copy Pro, PRO U and Wealth Masters International. Favorite Hobby: Driving Formula open-wheel competition racing cars!

Hi my names is James Martinez. I was first introduced to the concept of multi-level marketing back in 1989. Yes that's over 20 years ago! I was young and naive in thinking I would sponsor two people and watch as exponential growth kicks in and they multiply into thousands and within a year I would be millionaire.

I struggled for many years in MLM and failed miserably before ever seeing anything resembling a profit. I joined some of the cheesiest low budget start ups destined for failure from the start. I made every classic newbie mistake in the book. I even created a few new ones of my own.

My creativity was getting in the way of success. I was recreating the wheel at every turn. My sponsor said turn left and I turned right. I was out of control! I could not understand why any of my "great ideas" were not showing any results.

One time I setup a stand at the local flea market with a big sign "FREE MONEY I'll invest my money to start your business" and I was serious. I left business cards everywhere and I was almost arrested in front of the sports arena while handing out fliers. Yes I was on fire man and like a fire people ran away from me as fast as they could.

I may have been the worst multi-level marketing distributor ever. I fell flat on my face. Heck I could not even pay someone to join my business and oh ya I even tried that.

Years later I started doing some direct marketing programs and started to see some results. I started to learn everything I could about business, sales, marketing, and network marketing. I sought after successful people because I wanted what they had. I learned what they did to become successful and followed the same path.

I started a company by the name of James Edward Marketing and created a funded proposal by promoting a mlm training course and resources. I finally learned what a profitable marketing campaign was.

In these early years in the MLM industry I struggled terribly, like a non-swimmer who fell of a boat. After 'putting in my dues' I finally built a successful organization using mail order/direct marketing and connecting over the telephone. My sales organization duplicated to well over four thousands people and I had finally achieved the success that I was relentlessly perusing.

In 1996 because of my passion for health and helping people I came out from hiding behind my desk. I joined a well known MLM nutrition company and learned from guys like Dayle Maloney and Big Al Schreiter. I believe through my failures and successes these experiences have earned me a virtual PHD degree in the field of network marketing.

By having reached a level of success in my life I feel it's now my duty to help those people adversely affected by this troubled economy and recession. I'm actively promoting the benefits of starting a home based business within the MLM network marketing industry.

I have come out of retirement because I see an incredible opportunity to help people with their financial needs. Due to the economy there is an unbelievable amount of people losing their homes, losing there jobs and are overwhelmed with debt. All this debt is destabilizing America.

People now more than ever are seeking solutions to their financial woes and are turning to home based business and see network marketing as the solution because they realize you can no longer rely on corporate America. Those of us providing the solutions have the opportunity to make an unbelievable amount of cash by helping people get what they want and need... a way to take back control their financial future.

Like the saying goes "It's all about TIMING". Remember 99% of the general public will not join your opportunity. Your odds will increase when you market to other mlm entrepreneurs. Unfortunately 95% of these people will not join you because they are already involved with a business.

So where is the opportunity and how do you create a relationship with these entrepreneurs? Answer - 100% of entrepreneurs need MARKETING training, tools, resources and a international duplicatable system. 15 years ago we did not have the benefits of the speed, reach, low cost advertising or the convenience of the Internet. A marketing system worked in the 90's with a mail order training course and a post cards lead generation program. Therefor a good internet marketing system will work for you today.

Are you providing entrepreneurs with what they WANT and need? Are you building a relationship with them automatically? Are your marketing to your list with education and value until the timing is right for them to join your business? Or are you throwing your money away and letting those valuable leads walk away empty handed?

I invite you to receive my Free Internet Marketing Training Boot Camp here: MLM Lead System Pro …so get it now before we start charging big bucks! Be my friend here at BetterNetworker. Click on CONNECT under my pic. I look forward to your friendship.

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Hello James, Thanks for connecting with me here on betternetworker. The best way to avoid struggling online is to start with social media and go on from there. It will save you alot of headaches. I can help out with FREE trainings in the aspect. Let me know if you will be interested. "Quitting is more painful than staying the course." Tosin
Hi James, I thank you for your Betternetworker friendship; how are you? Looking forward to your posts, articles, and getting to know you better on BN. Doris Hullett
Hey James! Thank you for the chance to work with you. We've just posted your video on YouTube. Thanks again for your expertise.
Hi James! Thank you for the Gold Nuggets of advice that you gave my husband and I today. It is such an honor to be able to work with you and to be mentored by you. A Million thank you's. Tami and Jason Morton
Ed Adams wrote
I have found a new passion here on BN. I have Twitter, Direct Matches, Facebook and other social marketing sites but this is where things are happening. You will get an idea about what I have done. If you take a look at my profile, you can see in my pictures some of the sites I have been to these past few years. Walt Disney used the blue castle (Burg Elles) for his castles. It is one of four castles that never had to be constructed. My goal now is looking to help in ways I hoped for when I got online. Edwardcadams
Great to meet you Paul..Network Marketing is AWESOME! I love this job! Tony Beach
Hi James and thank you for requesting me. I'm brand new to BetterNetworker and getting to know my way around. I look forward to networking with you. Deanna
G'day James, Good to meet you - there seems to be quite a lot going on with your profile - Baja, F1, and so it goes on. Will be interesting learning more about you I am sure! All the best from sunny Western Oz Gaz
Hi James, The Baja must be buzz. And you are certainly in some fine company there. Maybe I'll meet you there one day, Dean.
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Hi James, Thanks for the add and looking forward in connecting with you. Have a great day! Annabelle
James, Thanks for connecting. How was your Baja trip? I could sure use some CA sun right about now! Hey, my new company is growing very quickly in CA... have you heard of Scentsy? It's the latest sensation; fragrant candles to scent your home without the fire hazard or soot and lead. Check it out at and join the "Scent"sation today! Buy, host, join.
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Greetings James, I look forward to your training content.
Hi James, Thanks for including in your network. You have vast Expiriance and learnings. I look forward to networking in the future. Leigh
Hey James: Thanks for your including this newbie! I look forward to reading all of your articles, etc. Glenn Robertson
Hello James, Thank you for your friendship. I look forward to sharing networking experiences with you. Abundant prosperity to You! Josephine
Hell James, Thank you for requesting friendship. I look forward to learning from you since you have been in the industry for years. Regards, Lise
Hi James, I’m was talking to a guy who downloaded the free e-book “Success In 10 Steps”. HIS ex spouse told him he probably was being a little unrealistic (not her exact words, but that’s the gist) pinning his future financial hopes on a company that promised him: - He wouldn’t have to work - it would all be done for him. - He wouldn’t have to actually deal with and recruit any yucky people – his group would be built automatically through “spillover.” - He wouldn’t have to sell – his people who spilled over would do that. - He could get rich just by clicking his mouse. And other than that, all he’d have to do is deposit the checks! Blessing Soren Egstrup
Thank you for the add! I look forward to learning from you. -Kate
Hey James, Thank you for your friendship. With all the great people here and my passion and vision this should be the easiest and most fun thing I do for myself and my business.