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Entrepreneurship, Networking, Coaching & Consulting, Making Videos, Learning, Traveling, Motorcycles, Dirtbikes, Fourwheeling, Hanging out with my girlfriend and kids.

Hanging out with friends and family, boating, biking, reading, dining out, traveling, building my business, and always educating myself.

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Jason Bartels

Primary Company:  Global Resorts Network
Other Company:  Define Your Lifestyle LLC
Industry:  Training and Development
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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I went from starting a traditional business, building a house, and getting married at the age of 25, to losing everything 8 years later. Is It A Failure Or A New Beginning?    

Hi there, my name is Jason Bartels and I'm the founder of Define Your Lifestyle LLC.  I'm a business marketing and personal development coach in the online home business industry. I'm interested in helping people find what they are truly looking for out of life and then putting an action plan together to achieve these goals so they can start living their desired lifestyle. To help people achieve this, through my blog I will be offering value based content, resources that I currently use, and coaching or consulting services for those that are looking for one on one guidance. 

While visiting, you will find valuable information, tips, and strategies on personal development, business development, entrepreneurship, network marketing, online marketing, and social media, so you can build a business and life you desire.

So first, a little about myself...

      I  grew up in Milwaukee, WI and surrounding areas. I graduated high school when I was seventeen in January of 1992. A few days later I moved to northern Wisconsin where my parents bought a resort. This was quite the shock for me, going from the city to the north woods. I had no interest in fishing or hunting and I was always a shyer person, so it was difficult for me to meet people. I spent about a year helping around the resort and eventually got a job with a concrete and masonry company. I learned the trade very quickly and within five years I was a foreman for this company.

And the entrepreneur spirit comes out...

       At age 25, I decided to start my own company, specializing in decorative concrete, fireplaces and stone work. In that same year I built my own house and got married. Needless to say I was very busy. Over the next several years I worked a ton of hours building my business and doing finishing touches on the house. I had built a great reputation for the quality of work I provided, so my business was doing great. I thought I was living the dream, I was making a good income, buying multiple "toys", racing snocross, going on several vacations, and hitting the party scene frequently. That is when I decided to expand my business so I could make more money, and that is also when more headaches came. I got more jobs, more employees, and more equipment, but the profit margin went down and so did the quality of work. I was spread too thin.

A shift in my mindset...

       Shortly after this time, I picked up a book named Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki, and this book totally changed my way of thinking. I knew I had to do something different because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I realized I needed to start building a business where I could get a passive residual income and I new my traditional concrete business was not going to do this for me. The fact remained that my body wouldn't be able to handle this physically demanding occupation for the rest of my life. I first started looking into purchasing rental properties, but after buying and owning one I realized it wasn't for me, so I was definitely LOOKING!

My first introduction to network marketing...

       A few weeks later I got call by a friend that introduced me to a network marketing company, and I fell in love with the concept, but was unsure if I could do it because I didn't want to approach people. I loved the people I met, the positive environment, and all the books I discovered (I never use to read before this, but now I love it.) I worked the mlm company for a couple of years and never had huge results, but I learned a ton about leadership and personal development.

And then I lost it all...

  At age 32, the economy had taken a turn for the worse and I was in deep financial trouble ($750,000 in debt). So I drastically changed my lifestyle. I started selling everything I could to try and make ends meet and get the debt paid down (all my toys, a rental property, part of the land I owned, and some of the business equipment). In spite of selling a lot of stuff I was still in in great debt and ended up de-solveing my concrete business. We had an auction to sell most of our stuff and also sold a bunch of equipment to a concrete company in St. Paul, MN, which is where I eventually went to work. We moved to Hudson, WI in July (just on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border), and I went to work as an employee again. This was eating me alive because it went against my entrepreneur spirit, but a cool manifestation story did come out of this. This whole lifestyle change was really tough on me, I felt like a failure. On top of that, my wife and I were disconnected and were having a hard time making it work.  About six months later my wife moved out and we eventually got divorced. Once again I felt like I had failed.

Finding myself...

       In the next year,  I moved to downtown St. Paul. I spent a lot of time reflecting on my past and learning a lot about myself. I now realize that what I thought of failures at the time, actually were learning points in my life. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! I look back now and realize how much value I have gotten from those experiences, and how much better of a person it has made me, so I can help others that might be having similar struggles. Some people get stuck in the misery, and use the "pour me" excuse. I'm grateful to have taken risks in my life. Some people have told me I've lived more in 35 years than most people do in a lifetime. This may be true, but the point is sometimes you just have to take a step back and reflect on what you're doing and where you are going. Ask yourself, "If I continue doing what I'm currently doing, am I going to get the results I desire?" If not, Change Something!!! I'm so glad I did.

Going online with network marketing...

       During this process I started my company named Define Your Lifestyle LLC, which purpose is to educate, inspire, and empower people to live their desired lifestyle. Then I partnered up with a different Network Marketing company that is based around travel, which I was really excited about because thats one of the things I really enjoyed in life and it ties right in with the company I founded. I started out really strong with the network marketing company from all the excitement, but ended up not getting much for results again, building it the traditional way. That’s when I turned to the internet to look for ways to market online and came across The Renegade Network Marketer ebook, which talked about building a network marketing (mlm) company online. Eventually this led me to the Renegade University, which teaches (through video tutorials) how to market online using attraction marketing. This is how I learned about building a presence online and attracting people to me, instead of chasing people the traditional way.

Then he falls in love...

     Then I met and feel in love with, what I believe to be my soulmate, Jennifer, who has four wonderful children. I spent a good year focusing on building a strong foundation for our relationship. I have never been as close and connected to someone in my life, and I am so grateful that fate has brought us together. Sometimes you don't realize that things can get any better until they appear, and then you just know. Life just keeps getting better.

What's going on now?

      Currently I'm working on becoming a certified coach through Coaching Cognition and credentialed through the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I'm also continually helping others start their businesses, marketing online, and providing value based content and videos. I look forward to working with you in the future.

      Take a moment to subscribe to my blog: The information I share will bring you that much closer to living the life of your dreams! I look forward to growing and sharing together along our life journey.


To our success and growth,

Jason Bartels


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