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Jason Dandridge

Owner & Founder
Primary Company:  Magnetic Sponsoring
Other Company:  Tha Traffic Kings
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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About Me

Hi, my name is Jason Dandridge, and I am the Owner and Operator of the...

Tha Traffic Kings

The reason I created this profile is because I want to connect, meet, network and resource with other Successful Entrepreneurs who desire to create wealth with purpose and use their influence and resources to better the world as a whole.

As I am on my journey to success, I find myself asking deep personal questions having to do with my life.   The answers I find within myself and around me make me grow on a daily basis.

I know many of you have had to answer your burning questions on life and your life purpose.   Hopefully my story can help inspire you to discover solutions and to look within yourself.  Let us see if you can relate...

Who In The World Is This Jason Dandridge Guy Anyways...??

Over the past five years, my passion to make myself a better person and contributor to our world has led me on the path of endless amount of research  on the internet, reading empowering  books, communicating with people and watching inspirational movies.  I digested all of these sources and purposefully  applied  all the amazing  information.

Now, let me just reflect here for a moment.

Now that I have your attention, I believe that if you are reading these words  right now on my site that the Law of Attraction  has brought you  so that we could cross paths.  As a matter of fact, I have no clue how you ended up on my page, but I do not believe in coincidences or in taking things for granted.  I believe you will soon realize that we both have like minds, passion, and desires in life and in business.  That is why we are connecting today.

So now that is out of the way, I am going to entrust you with a very valuable asset in my life, which is my cliff notes version of my story.

I was born in Southern California in 1977.  I am the oldest of two children.  My parents valued education to the fullest.  So going to school and getting an education was on the "loud speaker" everyday in my household! After graduating from high school I pursued my B.A., while playing College Football for Oregon State University.

When I was born I think I was wired differently.  I have always wanted to maximize my experiences no matter the risk or consequences! This can be a good or bad thing...

Now fast forward five years.....

I have created a working relationship with God and my spirituality.

I have one amazing angel (my daughter Jasmine).

I have found my purpose in my life and am passionate about living it out daily.

My health is GREAT!

Everyday I am grateful for being able to breath and contribute to our planet.

I am so excited about my life right now, and the opportunities that are coming my way, the relationships that I am attracting, and the lives that will be impacted by me partnering up with positive individuals...but it was NOT always this great!

Successful and Positive People  Experience Problems and Road Blocks too...

My biggest challenge in life is my greatest VICTORY!!!!

Like I said these are my cliff notes of my life.  So the biggest challenge was having to go through being laid off and loosing my family.  I will not go into detail but you know  how loosing your job and family can impact a individual.  There But with every slammed door another must open.

My door was opened and I walked thru it with my head held high.  I knew I was going to achieve better and greater things.

Going through that process I was able to leave my load behind.  I was able to realize that I and only I was in charge of my life.

So during these current times I have invested in myself.  Like I said before LIFE IS GREAT!!!!

So where Am I Going with All of THIS???

Here is the deal.

I have solid  things developing with my current businesses!

I desire to become an avenue for your success.  I know how to impower you to become a successful human being, to help our world, and to have fun making your dreams a reality.

If I can be used to aid in your successes, then I am succeeding in my objective for you.

So that is why I created this Social Media Profile.  I love to network and work with likeminded people.

I encourage you to check out my website

Tha Traffic Kings

I would love to hear your story.

I thank you for taking your valuable time to learn more about me, and I am excited to get to learn your story.

If you are focused to live out your dreams and live an empowered life, contact me at


Phone: 951.878.5535

Skype: JasonDandridge

Or visit The Review Circle, and let's break you through to your next level of successful living!

Believing in You,

Jason Dandridge

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My Location:  Victorville, California
United States

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Hey JD, I like the "about me" section of your page...looks like we ar kindred spirits...though I think I have more to learn than contribute at this point. You in the OC?
Hey Jason, I am looking forward to getting to know you..Wish you the best in all you do. You have a wonderful and blessed day Nancy
Jason, Thanks so much for accepting my friend invitation. Am blessed meeting fellow believers like you here in BN. God bless you always. Jose
Hi. I was wondering if you know Brian Bear, number 1 in spider web marketing? The reason I am asking is because he joined my company directly under me and is doing amazing. I thought that might be of interest to you - if he thinks it is a great opportunity - it surely must be. Good luck!
Hey Jason Glad to connect with you! :-) Best of luck with the profile contest...looks to me like you're on the right track...! Lena