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Jay cataldo

Company:  jaycataldo
Industry:  Coach
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Jay Cataldo isn’t the everyday life coach. He addresses challenges at full speed, from all angles. His no nonsense, holistic approach aligns diet, lifestyle, goals and mindset to ensure powerful transformations and lasting successes.

Address us :- 304 Park Avenue South,New York, NY 10010

Call us:- (800) 617-6186

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My Location:  New York, New York
United States

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Whether you’re looking to attract the perfect partner or simply strengthen your existing relationship,I can help you create the kind of success that makes people flat-out jealous and desperate to learn your secrets, no matter your looks,age or background.My clients come from all walks of life,from bartenders and high school teachers to movie directors and TV personalities.And this means that no matter what challenge you may be facing,there’s a good chance I’ve helped someone else,just like you,overcome the very same issue.