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My name is Joe Pierce. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my furry daughter and son Daisy and Dakota. I created this blog to have a invaluable resource for anyone wanting to start a home based business in the network marketing industry or Multiple Level Marketing (MLM.) The goal for this blog is to become a hub filled with real, no monkey business, tips and strategies on how to grow your network marketing business. The information and tools on this site will allow you to make money and build your downline as soon as possible.

I was born and raised in Rome, Georgia. I moved to Atlanta in February of 2002. Every since I was born I have always been into computers and then the Internet when it came along. Since a very young age I have ALWAYS known that I wanted to become an entrepreneur and to not have someone else control my destiny or my income. I can remember when I was in elementary school dreaming of becoming a business tycoon.

The new world of the Internet is really growing. Internet Marketing is the next form of advertising. YouTube is already making plans on how to replace the cable/satellite companies and delivery content directly to your Internet connected device on demand. To capitalize on this movement I started researching home networking businesses and the tools required. Hence, the creation of this website.

I am now full time with my MLM business and I truly believe in the MLM business model. I don’t see myself ever doing anything else. I was initially skeptical like a lot of people when they first start, but I quickly found that it’s a legitimate business model that truly works.

The network marketing industry provides an incredible opportunity for ANYONE who has the drive and motivation to make a lot of money to do so. This blog is dedicated to YOU, a fellow network marketer and it’s my mission to see that everyone who comes into network marketing who wants to succeed, and is willing to do what it takes to succeed, does so!

See you at the top,
Joe Pierce

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