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Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen, Gary Halbert, Joe Sugerman, Joe Vitale, Mike Dillard, Mark Joyner, Harlan Kilstein, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Harry Browne, Ken Envoy, Myron Golden, Joe Polish, Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, John Carlton, Ann Seig

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"Live like your life depends on it" - Jeff Faldalen "Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit" - Napoleon Hill

Jeff Faldalen

Teaching and Encouraging Others to Live to Their Fullest Potential With the Internet and Marketing
Primary Company:  ViSalus Sciences
Company 2:  Premier Wealth Systems
Company 3:  MyLeadSystemPRO
Other Company:  Envision Global Marketing
Industry:  Internet
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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My passion is teaching other people how to live to their fullest potential. My introduction to marketing and mlm started in 1996, when I left from a managers position in a retail jewelry store. At which time my former florist called me up and introduced me to a jewelry network marketing company. I was hooked line and sinker. I seen the vision of duplication extravaganza. Got all excited, got introduced to a "start up ground floor opportunity" made some good money and the company got shut down. I say this only to inform you I understand frustration and disappointment. I have sold millions of dollars worth of jewelry online, to wake up one morning and have it all gone. But about four years back I figured I would give network marketing another shot, after throwing in the towel about three years before.

This time I went online and searched for leads.

It was at that moment my life changed forever. I filled out a form online and in a couple days, someone called me and wanted to help me with my network marketing business. I was shocked!! "What I am not being pitched on the next best thing?" is what I thought to myself. It was then I was introduced to an entirely different way of network marketing.

I enrolled into a training system that specialized in network marketing online. I was astonished what I discovered. I could generate very qualified leads that were waiting for me to call them. It was during this time I wrote out my purpose statement: To use my creativity and passion to teach and empower other to live to their fullest potential. I have studied the best internet and network marketing trainers in the business. I have been mentored by the highest paid speakers in the world. The reason I tell you this is not to impress you, but to impress upon you success leaves clues. If you know where to find the clues and you are determined to be successful, then your life will change beyond your wildest dream.

After years of training and being able to put my jewelry business behind me, I devoted everything to my online network marketing business. I put together a powerful marketing school that would teach people all that I learned in years past. There is a reason 97% of people fail in network marketing and my goal is to change that statistic.

Here are what past students are saying....

I have felt frustrated,discouraged and down right angry with the results I had with my MLM business. That has all changed now. I have the opportunity to be mentored by no other than Jeff Faldalen. My outlook on my business has changed 360. He has the knowledge, the experience and professionalism to take you to unlimited growth in your business. I have found that he is no other than the best when it comes to attraction marketing and he is proof it works!

Denis Ravait

Jeff Faldalen is without a doubt the real deal.  In a marketplace frought with so-called "gurus," and "experts," Jeff's mentoring abilities outshine many of the other "internet shamans" out there.  He has a heart of gold, and truly wants everyone he mentors to succeed and reach their dreams.  Thanks Jeff for all you do.
Kenny Underhill
skype id: kennyunderhill

Single parants, Stay at home Moms or Dads, Business People, Anyone, seaching for directions on how to succeessfully market on the internet will benefit from Jeff Faldalen training.  Jeff is a man in the know.  He will direct you on how to monitize your online marketing efforts.  Jeff Faldalen, is a  successful leader, and a man of integrity. he, cares about you and your online  success. Vincent Martinez

I appreciate Jeff Faldalen as a trainer because of his style of 'ease and simplicity' in training.  He definitely has concern for his students.  He makes sure everyone's needs are met.  And his delivery is complete and beneficial.
Valora Jones
skype: valora.jones

In the first class I have learned more than all the months on the internet. Jeff doen't leave anyone behind and he talks to us in a way that we can understand. Thank you for all your hard work and trust me it will pay off for all of us. You are great to give us your time and help.       Thank you Rhonda White
skype: rhonda.white011

The greatest commodity is time. If you know which pitfalls to avoid and which direction it takes to be successful, then you will literally buy back your time. The greatest thing to do that is invest in yourself. Benjamin Franklin said something like "if you empty your wallet into your mind, your mind will fill you wallet with gold." Just in the last year I have spent over $25k in education. That is how much I value my success. How much are you willing to invest in your success? I am life coach, trainer and speaker of how to empower people. So if you are committed to your success and you are coach able, then fill out the [intlink id="7" type="page"]contact form[/intlink] to set up an interview. I want you to have success beyond anything you can imagine.

Wishing you success, Jeff Faldalen

PS. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter where you will learn powerful marketing strategies for any marketing company

PPS. In order for your life to change there is risk involved, but the opportunity is in the decision.


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